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Desna is reading Zlata's book for insight. Jenn's mom Brenda has come to help her. Desna tells Jenn that Zlata has given her Jenn's house. They agree Desna and Dean will move in with Jenn's family. The Hussers are lamenting their reduced status. Quiet Ann tells Virginia that she needs to let Desna know she's pregnant with Dean's baby. Bryce remains upset with Jenn about her affair. Zlata demands higher foot traffic before the new clinics open. While Desna is trying to get ideas from the girls, Virginia blurts out about her pregnancy. She tells Desna that she's getting an abortion. Desna and Dean argue. Polly is moving into Desna's old place. Desna gets the idea of making a TV commercial. Roller plants a bug in Zlata's office. Jenn tells Hank they're done, but he still invites her to be his partner in a square-dancing competition. Dean, Virginia and Quiet Ann have to push through protestors at the Sarasota abortion clinic. Dean gives Virginia a candy ring at the clinic and proposes to her. Desna assigns everyone roles in the commercial shoot. Desna reacts badly to Virginia's announcement of Dean's proposal. Zlata orders Boris to train Roller. It's chaos on the commercial set, with Jenn and Dr. Ken arguing over her script. Through the bug, Uncle Daddy and Bryce think Roller's being tortured, but he's just getting a massage. Dr. Ken is incapable of delivering his lines. Then Desna comes up with the brainstorm of using Polly's dancers and turning the ad into a production number. There's a line outside the clinic as a result, and Zlata is pleased. Jenn keeps seeing Bryce while dancing with Hank and runs off to find him. Instead, she discovers her mother servicing him and gets into a brawl with both. Soon everyone is fighting. 

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Claws Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

It's Desna, Brenda. I've only told you that about 8 million times.

Desna [to Brenda]

And when I go to my Million Moms meeting, I will not leave my grandbabies in the car if it's over 100 degrees.

Karen [to Jenn]