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Somebody is having sex. The dude on the bottom needs oxygen to continue. I do not recall having ever seen him before. He's obviously ill, with medications on the bedside table.

His girlfriend assures him it's OK to be nervous. It's a big day.

He has the dirtiest fingernails I've ever seen. They toast to liberty and get onto a bus. He's looking at everything as if it's the last time he will see it. 

He's waiting in line to get into the green zone, eyeing the search dog, nervous as hell. He drops his papers to the ground.

He panics and all hell breaks loose.

Then his lovely girlfriend blows him to bits. She's a peach.

Her name was Frankie, which we learn from Will's boss.

Dan is not impressed with Will's work. Burke's keeping him on a short leash. 

The partnership is a two-way street, Burke soon finds out, and Will is not Jennifer.

Katie goes to Broussard for help with Bram.

Bram is getting it on with Maya at the labor camp. He doesn't appear to need much help.

She's using Bram in the exact way Frankie was using the exploding, frightened, now-dead boy.

Will goes to see Frankie's family and they are all about order and duty. Or are they?

Burke wonders if Will is soft or subverted. Will is unwilling to go the extra mile. Burke threatened the family's grandkids. What would Will do?

Maddie has not fallen to the dark side. Nolan questions her about the file that was accessed in his office, and she goes mum.

At the same time, Bram is rifling through Snyder's desk. He offers a tip to Snyder.

Will and Burke find Frankie. Burke asks where the leader of their cell is. If they don't answer, he kills them.

Katie asks for Lindsey to come back to the house.

It's hard to care about Frankie being tortured when she has no problems blowing to crap men she takes under her wing with sex.

She lies, telling Will she's only a recruiter and has no knowledge of who her handler is, when it is she who kills them and then checks in with a progress report afterward.

She uses Will to be freed from her restraints, peels poison off her dirty foot and kills herself.

Dan is once again unimpressed with his elite detective duo.

Bram finds out what's inside the pods. Maya opens one and a girl pops out, vomiting green goo.

Bram realizes what kind of person he's dealing with as the girl dies and Maya couldn't give a shit.

He fails in his mission to kill red-head, and is saved by another of his "team."

Lindsey considers reporting Charlie's subversive acts. He's tossing a ball against the house.

Will gives to him something to punch, instead, but Charlie doesn't like it, frowns, and goes into the house.

Katie meets with Broussard. Bram will be back inside of six months. Broussard wants Katie back. Someone who can help him think things through. 

He reveals it's not a colony. It's a death camp.

A ship explodes in the sky. Maya is gone.

Maya put herself into the pod with the bomb.

What's the point of fighting back if they're only going to be killed anyway?


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Colony Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Bram: If I tell you what they're doing and you catch them, will you send me home?
Snyder: I promise I'll do everything I can.

He didn't reach the target, but it's done.

Freedom Bitch