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Hello Helena!!

Proxy Ocola joins Proxy Fleming and Proxy Lee for an update from Helena about the transport ship.

Ocola thinks with the right spin people will think the explosion was intentional. He wants to use The Greatest Day to push that agenda. Helena, though, worries about using The Greatest Day too much.

Ocola does it anyway, saying the explosion was an example of interdimensional travel in preparation for The Greatest Day. Again, he's confusing the day and the religion, confusing me.

Helena calls him an asshole and gets a call. The authority has decided on a response.

Will and Katie are making love when Will gets a call putting a major frown upon his face.

Word of the "loose end" Will left behind at the safe house is out. Dan wants to see how the partnership works alone now. Will is sent back to the safehouse and questions why he's being sidelined. Dan assures him he's not being sidelined. He's jus twaiting for one of them to do something useful.

Katie meets with Broussard and the team. Their idea that a baseball cap is a great disguise is amusing.

They all argue.

At the labor camp, Snyder finds Jenkins dead atop the body from inside the cubbie. He wants it cleaned up without a trace.

Eckhart shows Morgan the pamphlet with his mother's photo on it. It's their way out. They just have to give them Broussard.

Snyder is talking to Bram. Bram signed the death warrant of everyone in the camp.

At the safehouse, Will finds Frankie's mother Karen looking for her. She cries and is very upset Will was there when Frankie died, but Will leaves her and returns to headquarters.

Bram discovers Snyder ain't so sweet. Snyder kills all of the names Bram gave, who were all a part of the resistance, and kills them in front of Bram to assure he's getting the truth.

Katie's first mission for the resistance puts her right in the path of Burke and his Red Hats. Even better, Broussard won't shut up wailing in her walkie the entire time they're searching the room. Jesus dude.

Helena shows up at the labor camp. She wants him into the car and with her. Snyder drags Bram along, too.

Snyder isn't the guy Bram thought. The entire labor camp implodes into nothingness as they rush out as if in an action movie.

The safehouse kid is caught and doesn't turn in Will. Dan wonders how he was recruited. Frankie said she said she loved her. Then he drops a bombshell. The leader of the cell is Karen, Frankie's mother.

Maggie turned on Eckhart who was killed when he went after Broussard. This is a brutal hour of tellie.

Charlie continues annoying Lindsey. He also hears someone outside, grabs Gracie's hand and takes her to hide. Ingruders kill Lindsey immediately, stamp a red hand on the wall and look for others.

Will and Katie get home in time to protect the place and find Charlie and Gracie on the roof.

Katie and Will take the kids to an apartment. Gracie is grossed out, but Charlie takes it in stride.

Snyder drops Bram off at the new apartment. He ws obviously a part of what went down at the house, right?


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Colony Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Karen: I know I'm going to go to the factor just for being Frankie's mother because that what you people do.
Will: Not all of us.

I'm sorry. Was I, in my state of utter distress, babbling in tongues? YOUR FRIENDS ARE ALREADY DEAD! This is damage control. Either some of us die, or all of us do. You get the honor of deciding which one of us it's going to be.