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Dead outliers on the field. Kynes is watching the destruction. It's a study. 2nd field test. His key is analog. Kynes wants to talk to "her". The IGA can't find out. Kynes is putting a special suit on and a breathing mask. He's entering a chamber. He's approaching someone behind glass. He's sweating bullets. He looks really unsteady and sick and something is written on his arm when he leaves the chamber.

Two SUVs pull up. armed. It's the outliers. Meeting with Kynes. IGA is looking for them. Kynes and outliers don't want to leave the colony. They're headed to review block. 

They're cornered by the IGA and they're getting shot up. Kynes and lead guy on the move. They're trying to save Kynes. Kynes runs, they lay a suppressive fire. They stop security kids and they help by giving their vehicle. They want to get to Bonzo.

They enter a parking garage in an SCP vehicle. They enter a building. Kynes hand prints are allowing them access. They've gone through about 6 doors to get to this inner area that looks like it's a safe. It had a bed and couches and computers and files. Kynes is online, watching for people after them. They are signaling the outliers to come to get them.

Snyder set up the ambush that Kynes escaped. Snyder: "One of the many things I like about you, Lieutenant. Is how you never try to put glitter on a turd." 

He says gateways are sealed and Kynes can't get out. Snyder is trying to get back online, but no luck. IGA doesn't want to involve the hosts in getting Kynes.

Katie and Wills phones are still off. Will's is on. They think it's Kynes. Katie's going with Will to let Broussard know. Bram is being called into work. He gets the note. Crumples it up and throws it away.

IGA is all over the streets looking for Kynes. Will pulls up saying his fare needs to get to work. IGA wants to see his papers. He shows them. Will and Katie get waved through. They show up at Broussard's. Gives him a signal. The emergency signal for the outliers. Will and Broussard are going to check it out. Katie wants to go. Amy will stay behind.

Bram goes to work. There's an announcement. Kynes stepped down and they are to help with the transition. The SPC leaders are being taken out by the PGA.

Kynes is making an announcement. "I believe in a future that isn't governed by the IGA. I'm asking you to believe with me." Kynes

He asked Kynes to come to get him. Will believes Kynes. Broussard doesn't. "We gotta throw in with somebody eventually or else what are we doin'?" Will

Kynes is in an armory. Broussard is going to get Amy. They are to get in and out before daybreak. Katie says they need to talk to Bram. IGA is tormenting community patrol people to get information. Witnesses have told Snyder the community patrol helped Kynes. They're trying to figure where Kynes went. He gives two officers names up who helped Kynes.

Broussard and all go to tell Amy what's going on. Broussard wants to talk to Amy. Katie goes to check on the kids. She goes in to see Gracie. Gracie is sleeping. 

Broussard updates Amy. He wants Amy to come but it doesn't seem like she wants to come. Broussard: Only so much damage a man with a gun can do. If the balance is ever going to shift in the Resistance's favor, it's gonna be because of a man like Kynes."

He needs Amy and she agrees to go.

Will is in the bedroom getting ready. Katie wants to wake up Bram. Will says no. He tells Katie she's not going because she's not properly trained. Katie is a liability. She's pissed and follows him down the stairs. Broussard agrees. Katie goes outside to fight with Will. He doesn't understand why she wants to go. She's upset that they made her a collaborator and she wants to make it right. Will thinks the kids are better off without him. He tells Katie to pour all her energy into the kids and make it right with them.

Bram comes home and Katie is sleeping by the fire. He goes upstairs. He sees will is gone. Bram wakes up Gracie. He wants to take her out of the way of the war. He says it's starting and he knows where they can go. Gracie sees Katie asleep by the fire. Bram encourages her to leave. She doesn't want to. But she leaves with Bram.

The two who helped Kynes are going into Snyder's office. They tell Snyder about Bonzo. 

Broussard gives Amy a gun. They're all getting geared up. 

IGA found Bonzo. Snyder says to bring him in alive or kill him at the armory. An old federal reserve building. Outliers are going in to get Kynes.

They're coming down the stairwell. They see the IGA surrounding. They have two minutes. Broussard picks up the pace. Broussard shutting things down. Broussard team gets Kynes. Will's team to slow the IGA down. 

Broussard going down the hall. They're let in the door. Kynes comes out and they all start to leave. Kynes is heavily protected by outliers. Kynes right-hand man and another guy shot dead. in the stairwell. Broussard and other fight IGA. Broussard makes Amy leave the guys on the stairs. He tells Kynes to stay behind him if he wants to stay alive. Will is there. He says they're all over the place. Will is full of blood. Gives Will another clip. He'll keep them busy and Broussard sends will off alone. They're going through the parking garage. 

Will is just killing tons of IGA people as the others escape. He's dropping them like flies.

Kynes is in front. He gets shot. Broussard takes him and they all load in the vehicle to escape. 

Katie is still sleeping. She wakes up. Her phone is still dead. She goes to check on the kids. They're gone. She sees Gracie packed and left.

She gets on her coat and heads out. Gracie and Bram are at Sal's house. He didn't know where else to take her. Sal tells Bram he did the right thing. 

Snyder is walking through the building and sees all the dead people. He wants to know where Garland is. Snyder isn't happy Kynes got away. They're claiming victory. Amy is working on Keynes.

Broussard checks to see if anyone's heard from Will. He's walking through the streets, bloody and exhausted. Alarms are going off. He's bleeding. Looks like he's been hit.


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Colony Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

One of the many things I like about you, Lieutenant. Is how you never try to put glitter on a turd.


We gotta throw in with somebody eventually or else what are we doin'?