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Helena Goldwyn walks in an underground meeting area. The attack has begun. They're in Davos and there are two shields. She expects to lose some colonies. The sacrifices they've paid will be rewarded when the hosts win the war. Goldwyn is confident they will. Her cat, Tinkerbell was brought to Davos. All the people are allowed to bring their families in.

An alarm sounds. Gunfire. Everyone is dropping. Goldwyn tries to get to the safe. She makes it. The predator appears and forms in front of her. It makes a weird sound and Goldwyn goes down too.

Will is sitting in a house. Dogs are barking outside. It's grey hats. Will is on the move down the fire escape. He's tazed and captured.

Katie goes into community first and looks for Bram. Bram comes out. She says she needs to see Gracie, but Bram says no. Your father and I never wanted for you to be involved in this. Katie. Then why did dad ask me to help him kill Snyder? - Bram

Bram says when they're caught, Gracie will be taken, but not now.

Snyder and his right-hand man are in his office. He tells Snyder they captured Will Bowman. Snyder tells him the attack has begun. They have no orders. IGA leadership is dead or captured. Snyder is supposed to call the hosts "What if we've picked the wrong side?" Snyder

He doesn't want to make the call, but he's going to question Will first.

Snyder goes in to question Will. The hosts aren't going to save Seattle because they haven't been meeting their quota. Snyder picked Will because he's a good man. The hosts said if there aren't 150 outliers on the island by the end of the day, Seattle will be destroyed from space. 

Broussard goes to check on Keynes. Amy says he's alright. He says there isn't a leader among the outliers. Amy doesn't think Will is coming to lead them. The grey hats drop will off and push him out of the van. He stops in the bathroom and checks his clothes for a tracking device. He found it in his shoe.

Community Patrol is having all the security pledge to Snyder. Sal comes in to talk to Bram. Sal is part of the resistance. 

Will shows up at the outliers. He tells them about the deal. They want to confirm if Snyder is telling the truth. He says they don't have long to decide. Broussard gives the order. They're going to break back into the armory. They accept the order and go.

Will says there's a skeleton crew guarding. They're going in. 10 in and out.

Katie is searching Bram's room for clues to where Katie is. Katie goes to the hideout and Amy holds a gun on her. Amy tells the story of her boyfriend and how she held out hope he was alive. She tells Katie about the factory and how they're all dead. Amy: I don't know you, but I know you must be incredibly packing to have made it this far. They're wondering what they're doing to make it better.

CP is called to the factory. Will and Broussard are fighting on the way in. They need to be out in three minutes. Bram is cautious. He watches Sal go a different way. Gunfight ensues. Bram is hiding behind a wall. 

Will and Broussard are in with the computer and radio to check on the war. They confirm earth is under attack.

The outliers return to the hideout and Katie is waiting. She immediately gives him a hard time about involving Bram because he's a child. They start fighting about Will lying and he calls her out on all her lies and putting them in danger in LA. Katie says they can't fight anymore because they have no one else. Just each other. "I don't know how to dig myself out of this hole." Will

Katie says to start by being honest and tells him he doesn't have to pretend he's fine when he's not. She tells him about Bram and taking Gracie to his girlfriend's house. She says they can fix their family by putting their kids first and the first step is finding Gracie.  She wants to do an image search at the refugee camp to find Bram's girlfriend. He tells Katie to get the kids and hide. He's got a plan and he'll find them. He tells her he's proud of her. She leaves.

Kynes comes to. He wants to know where he is and wants to know if his wound is bad. Broussard comes in with some questions. Kynes answers them. Broussard addresses the group and it's not good news. Seattle is about to be destroyed from space and they're only chance is to buy protection from the morks. They need 150 volunteers to report and fight on the front lines. Will steps forward.

Will makes an inspiring speech and more volunteers step forward. 

Snyder is packing up his office. He shows up in the boardroom and tells anyone they can leave if they want to. One guy walks out. Snyder wants to know if he can trust the remaining group. He has Mr. Morrow ~ head of Kynes's tech - shot and killed for erasing the Seattle database.

Snyder wants to help the hosts, so they can survive.

Amy walks into where Broussard is and says she's sorry Will volunteered. He made a call out to other groups and is waiting to see who shows up.

 Bram is at Sal's. Gracie comes downstairs and wants to know what's going on. She wants to know what's going on with their parents. He tells her they got involved in some things that put them in danger. She thought they weren't going to do that anymore. Bram says, well, they did. He tells Gracie they love her. He doesn't know when they'll see their parents again.

Katie shows up at the facility. SRMA is packing up the refugee camp. She stayed behind to look after the sick. She runs into Michelle, she scans the photo and tells Katie where to find Gracie. She asks Katie to stay and help. She says she has to find her kids, but she'll be back if she can.

Will is walking down the road and volunteering to turn themselves over to the grey hats.

Snyder and partner show up at the wall. All the drones are leaving. He orders the gateway sealed. The only people to defend are them and the grey hats. Snyder gets word the outliers turned themselves in. He's hoping that's enough to save Seattle.

 Traffic jam at the refugee camp. The tunnel is shut down. 

The other outliers, Amy and Broussard show up at Kynes's underground facility. Its stocked with everything they need to fight and more.

Broussard sees people walking down the road. He goes to check it out. It's people with guns. More outliers show up to help

Broussard: Come inside, introduce yourselves. And then we can talk about how to raise holy hell.

At Sal's, they're having dinner and they hear a boom. They all run outside and look at the sky. There's a light coming down. It hits a shield. Seattle is spared. Snyder is relieved. Seattle is protected. Katie watches as firepower hits earth. 

Will is put inside a capsule. 

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Colony Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

What if we've picked the wrong side?


Katie: Your father and I never wanted for you to be involved in this.
Bram: Then why did dad ask me to help him kill Snyder?