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Broussard was living a fairly lonely life for the last six months.

The rendition did quite a job on the LA Block, and Broussard was helping to move out those who remained behind. But as we learned on Colony Season 3 Episode 2 the plans are to repopulate the place eventually. 

It won't be like the home it was, that's for sure, and that's only one of the little nuggets that snuck under the radar in this less-than-action packed episode of Colony.

Puzzle Man - Colony Season 3 Episode 2

How lucky was Broussard that the Authority was using such old-fashioned shredders?

The nod to the job done during World War II of piecing together confetti-like pieces of shredded documents was appreciated. It came to my mind how easy it was for Broussard to find his way through the documents and put them together, and it wasn't lost on him, either.

He'd managed to find himself a new identity, Route 8, as a part of the Underground Railroad of their day ushering people into and out of different blocks. 

Until he had passengers, I thought maybe they were talking about drones or Raps as passengers. My mind never quite goes to the realistic place of the day because the need for passages and to sneak individuals into and out of safe territories still surprises me even after the number of times it's occurred in history.

Passengers - Colony Season 3 Episode 2

It seemed sketchy when Dispatch appeared so soon after Broussard though he had safely transported the woman and her son to the next stop down the line. She reported everything was gone and only she survived. The boy somehow directed her to Broussard's location.

Honestly, Dispatch could still be sketchy. It's a little ironic that she's played by Peyton List who was also known as a voice on a radio during Frequency on The CW before she revealed her identity to her father on the other end. 

The reason I'm more than a little concerned about Amy (as she's identified on IMDB) is concurrently the Bowmans were on their trip to meet up with the Resistance. 

Janet Has a Gun - Colony Season 3 Episode 2

It was a lot more complicated than they thought it would be.

Once they made contact with an armed woman named Janet (again, IMDB is the only way I know any of the names of these people), they were taken to a train and thrown on board to an unknown destination.

The whole time, our favorite two-timer, Snyder, was unsure exactly where he stood.

That's what is so fantastic about Snyder. The bastard straddles the line so effectively I can't hate him. I want to hate him, I really do, but it makes sense to straddle the middle to some extent and for many reasons. 

The first being the one that allowed them all to live when Will was working at the Authority for the occupation and he and Katie were at odds trying to determine what to do with their family.

Grace: If I'm supposed to stick close to the truth, why can't I say you and my dad worked together?
Snyder: Because some people didn't like what me and your dad did in Los Angeles. It's not always fair, but that's the way some people think.
Grace: What did you do?
Snyder: We kept you alive.

Without straddling the line and having contacts on both sides, the entire Bowman family would not be alive right now. Their existence is due to the mom and dad Occupation/Resistance split. It didn't mean Will was on board with the occupation, but knowing what he knew saved Charlie and Bram many times over.

Daddy Bowman - Colony Season 3 Episode 2

Being wholly on one side or the other as was Snyder and even Maddie led their families to much different endings.

Snyder is still trying to protect the Bowmans while covering his own ass. It's an impossible task, but his attempt to get them to leave the gauntlet on the train and ditch the Resistance for the unknown was his way of doing it.

Bram: Why would the Resistance attack?
Snyder: Why do you trust people you've never met?

The droll way in which Bram asks questions and the lively way Snyder answers them will never get old for me, but when they got off the train, they discovered the man who greeted them, while seemingly kind, was at odds with those at their camp.

Before they moved forward, they were searched for electronics, and that meant Snyder panicking over his panic button. I couldn't tell whether he pushed it before he buried it under some moss or if he stashed it and maybe grabbed it later, but it ties in too easily to the deaths of everyone in the bus line and Amy's appearance.

Someone has to go to find the Rap (or Click) who is at the Resistance camp. The Rap who is apparently running the joint.

Vincent (the man who met the Bowmans at the train) said they had a Click. It seems more like the Rap has them.

Of course, I could have been reading the signs all wrong. Maybe inside the building where Vincent wanted to take the gauntlet wasn't a ClickRap at all, but I sure as hell hope humans aren't allowing that kind of divisiveness over another human at this stage of civilization. Something pretty damn special better be calling the shots.

Meeting the Resistance - Colony

And with the very brief, but oh, so interesting visit with Helena during the open, we got another snippet of information on the two species of aliens fighting over the planet. Not much about the species themselves, but the war, what it means to humans and earth.

In their first strike, the new intruders decimated the factory on the moon. That didn't take much. From what I gathered, the factory was creating a grid on earth to protect the assets of the hosts. The hosts promised those complying with the occupation they would have years to create the grid which would protect earth. 

Or something.

They were wrong, and their enemy arrived a lot sooner than expected. Without a factory, they cannot continue to build the grid. The Seattle Block was under rendition before the LA Block and has been repopulated and is becoming a bioweapon to fight against this new mutual enemy of the hosts and collaborators.

But it doesn't sound like it's quite as easy as assuming the enemy of the Resistance's enemy is their friend, so we need to know a lot more about everything. 

What did I miss? Did anything, in particular, stand out to you during "Puzzle Man"?

If you need to catch up, you can watch Colony online, but either way, share your thoughts below in the comments!!

Puzzle Man Review

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Colony Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Girl: How many have you gotten out?
Broussard: Not enough to balance the ledger.

Grace: If I'm supposed to stick close to the truth, why can't I say you and my dad worked together?
Snyder: Because some people didn't like what me and your dad did in Los Angeles. It's not always fair, but that's the way some people think.
Grace: What did you do?
Snyder: We kept you alive.