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The sample is coming from Kynes. He's aware Snyder's watching him.

The guy with briefcase shows id & gets entrance into the lab. Are they testing the material with a drone? No effect.

That's when they got shot by Broussard.

Snyder tells Keynes he's staying a few more days. Kynes isn't happy about it. He assigned Snyder security detail. Snyder is unhappy about it.

Katie and Gracie are talking. Her door won't close. Will woke up and will help Gracie. He seems different. Engaging. Bram takes downtown for a co-worker.

Will and Amy are pretending to be a couple and check into a hotel. Broussard is playing poker. Takes drunk guy outside & puts him into the cab. Takes his bag with a uniform inside.

Snyder is brought to the hotel and goes in to get a shirt. Will is watching. Snyder leaves the elevator and goes to the room. Amy walks by and asks for help. Snyder helps and goes into her room. Will closes him in. Punches him in the stomach and tapes him up. Broussard shows up as maintenance. Bram is working with them! He gets past security because he is security. Gives them a warning.

Will, Amy, and Broussard goes with a backup plan. They dump hooded Snyder and take him to a storage room.

Broussard threatens him and takes off his tape.

"Well, then I'm not talking." Snyder. "Your choice, but as long as you're talking, you're breathing." Broussard.

Bram's on the lookout. Guards are going to the room.

Snyder is being questioned by Broussard.

Spaceport for transferring supplies from the island in the water.

Underneath is a storage facility for outliers.

What are outliers?

Before their arrival, hosts used an algorithm to sort humans into different groups. Groups determined fate. Everything is based on algorithms. Stasis chambers go into storage with outliers inside. They store hundreds of thousands of outliers. They are the biological weapons. 

They show Snyder the material. He says he doesn't know what it is. He says Kynes has his own agenda and the IGA wants to take him out. "Part of it's probably true, but that's the problem. You never know which part." Will.

"Don't leave me here with him. Please. You know what he's going to do." Snyder.

Will tells Amy to leave. She tries to talk him down.

Bram sees Broussard and Amy leave. People pile in to look for Snyder.

Will talks to Snyder. Tells him a story. He knows Snyder betrayed his family. Snyder tells him he's wrong.

Snyder lies and says it was luck that the grey hats came. "I'm sorry for what happened to you." Snyder.

Will doesn't shoot Snyder because he said none of that would've happened if they left the camp when Snyder told them to.

Will knows he's right.

"Charlie didn't deserve to die." Will. "No, he didn't." Snyder.

He wants Snyder to admit he did it. Snyder cries and tells Will he buried Charlie.

Will is drowning Snyder in a toilet. Let's he go. "I loved him too!" Snyder.

Amy tells Bram to leave. He doesn't listen. He goes inside to warn Will.

"Why is he still alive." Bram. "I wanted him to confess." Will.

Bram wants to kill Snyder. Will won't kill him. Bram tells Will he killed the guy who killed his friends. Bram blames himself for Charlie's death. He wants the gun.

Will tells Snyder to leave. Bram's furious.

Snyder talks into the lobby. He tells guards he was with a woman.

Broussard and Amy arrive home. Amy's done with Will.

Katie's putting Gracie to bed. She tells Katie Bram has a girlfriend.

The front door is open. Katie sneaks downstairs. It's Will. He's crying. She sits with him. He can't even speak. She starts to cry too.


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Colony Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Snyder: Well, then I'm not talking.
Broussard: Your choice, but as long as you're talking, you're breathing.

Part of it's probably true, but that's the problem. You never know which part.