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A boy is walking down the street. Goes into an underground gym. He's changing his training method. He wants to rob the armory. The lead guy works for Kynes, but is nervous about doing a robbery. Doesn't want to play his hand, but says he'll look into it. 

The same man enters the office, but it's empty. Kynes walks in and wants to know what he's doing. He tells Kynes about the want to hit the armory. Kynes knows about the underground group and this guy is keeping an eye on them. They're bored. They're considering letting them do something big. Kynes implies something big is coming.

Will is setting the table and whistling. He's making breakfast. Bram comes to the kitchen, rolling his eyes. Bram's pretty unhappy with Will. Will apologizes for pulling him into the Snyder thing. He tells Will to be a normal father. He burns the bacon and Bram leaves before they have a real chance to talk.

Snyder welcomes a guest into his room. He turns on the jammer and tells this guy about Will and Broussard. He tells the guy he was abducted. He admits he gave up some bits and pieces but didn't give them much. Said he was stalling until they ran out of time. Snyder tells this guy about the alloy. Host technology. Snyder is trying to convince the guy to keep the alloy and the resistance presence a secret until they can exploit it.

Snyder: The kind of thing they would never give to us. That's why Kynes didn't report the theft. Just like we're not going to report the resistance activity, in this block. At least not until we can figure out how to exploit it.

Kynes goon pulls up to talk to Snyder and gives him crap for not moving about with an escort.

Broussard is getting passage to the island. There are droids in the water that won't let anyone near the island. Only the ferry goes there.

Katie walks into the kitchen. Will is sitting by himself at the table. Not talking. "last night, I've never seen you like that. talk to me. please." Katie.

Will starts talking and admits he was just trying to keep himself moving. Last night it all hit him. He is saying he has to let what go happened. He tells Katie Seattle isn't safe and she agrees. She tells him that refugees are disappearing and they might be going to the factory. He tells her they know who they are and always has. Says he's on a list and the RAPs have a plan for people like Will.

He tells her about Snyder. He tells her Broussard is there. He doesn't know whether to believe Snyder or not. Katie might be able to find out. She's going to dig around the office. He tells her to be careful. It's time for Katie to go to work. Their marriage might be okay.

Amy is looking out the window and Broussard is talking to her about getting on the island and if Will is in, Amy is out. Broussard says they need him. And he owes Will. Amy says she doesn't owe him anything and is trying to talk Broussard into cutting Will loose. She tells Broussard he has to be gone before she gets home.

Snyder and his guy are in a bar and they meet with some other guy. They make small talk. He's the trainer of Bram's crew. Introduces Snyder as his handler and Snyder starts asking him a question. He's asking who would investigate should something valuable be stolen. The community patrol doesn't handle that. Pros show up in SUVs and take care of that.

There aren't any reports. They're covert black ops people. He's heard rumors about the unit deployed a week ago and the double homicide in an alley. The unit has been going door to door looking for the missing briefcase. Kynes is looking.

Will and Broussard are watching the ferry. They're trying to figure out how to get across Will asks about Amy. Broussard said she's out. Broussard says Will's made a lot of mistakes. He's only there with Will because Amy's not ready.

Katie's at work and she walks into Michele's office. She asks her to pull Will's file. Michelle threatens to report Katie and she tells her she shouldn't do that. Katie will take Michelle down with her. Katie is making up lies to take Michelle down. Michelle tells her she's selfish. Katie is going to make sure her family is safe and if Michelle won't help her, she'll sell her out.

Katie: I'm gonna make sure my family is safe in this colony, and if you won't help me, I won't hesitate for a minute to sell you out.

Snyder goes with his guy to the scene of the killing and takes him through what happened. Snyder figures the alloy came from the r and d building for Kynes. Snyder admits Will is an outlier and is shocked to find out he walked through the gates to Seattle. Is surprised Kynes let him in the door and he's not frozen in a pod. The other guy knows where Will and his family live and tell Snyder.

Kynes didn't turn Will over to the hosts, and Snyder is sure he's not the only one.

Katie comes into Michelle's office and she hands Katie the file. It's marked OCS and it stands for outlier. Katie wants to know what that means.

They get flagged and fast-tracked into the colony. There are hundreds of outliers and Katie wants a list. Michelle is doing it and that's all she's going to do. Katie agrees.

Someone knocks on Broussard's door. It's Katie. He invites her in. She's upset he didn't tell her he was in town. 

They're talking about what's happening in Seattle. Katie tells Broussard what she found out about the outliers. They think they're all ex-military.

Snyder wants to talk to Kynes. He tells Kynes about a theft and a double murder. Kynes knows and Snyder wants to know why he didn't report it. Snyder asked what was stolen. It's a material used for containment. Snyder offers help. Snyder says he needs to talk to who are investigating. Kynes says to talk to Snyder's security detail.

Katie goes into a store with Will. It's the guy from the beginning. Will is in the back and says he wants to talk to ONeil. He pushes will and runs. Broussard is outside. "Easy, we're friendlies. - Broussard.

Will subdues him. he wants to know how they know about him. Oneal was in the Navy. He wants to know who they are. They're trying to recruit him and find out about his crew. Katie shows O'Neal the list. She asks if he recognizes anyone else.

Will tells him about outliers, and they don't know what they want with them. Will thinks they are the alien's first line of defense. 

Oneal wants the list. They are going to work together.

Snyder is talking to his security about the murder and theft. They're telling him it was probably just some psycho. He keeps asking questions, but they're stonewalling him. Snyder tells them they could work for the IGA, but they say they like Seattle and they're not being charmed.

Snyder pays for lunch.

Busboy lets Snyder's boy take the glass from the goons to get DNA.

Will goes to see Amy and apologize. He tells Amy he let Snyder go. She's being mean. She doesn't understand shy Broussard is working with Will. She's not impressed with him. He doesn't blame her for being angry with him. He tells her about Charlie. She tells him he needs help. She tells him he will drag his family down. He doesn't want her help. He tells her Broussard needs her. "Broussard doesn't need anyone. I'm just a spare pair of hands and a place to stay." Amy.

Will tells her not to walk away from something good because of him. Amy thinks about it.

Bram comes home and talks to Gracie. Their mom and dad didn't call and he takes her over his girlfriend's house. He introduces Gracie to his girlfriend and Sal.

Snyder got the prints back ~ the security detail is from Delta Force, Victor Resnick US Army. He's an outlier.

Snyder and his guy are talking about the outliers and trying to figure out why all the outliers are running around and why Kynes is allowing this. Snyder proposes they make a reckless move to see how Kynes counters.

Katie and Will are talking. Will wants to keep Bram out of it. Some guy bumps into Will and passes him a message to meet at the Pike Pine Gym and not to bring phones.

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Last night, I've never seen you like that. Talk to me. Please.


Easy, we're friendlies.