Colony Season 3 Episode 9 Review: The Big Empty

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On Colony Season 3 Episode 9, Snyder's still feeling confident in Seattle, doing the IGA's bidding by spying on Kynes. He's almost smug, working his Snyder magic, to make his way around Seattle without an escort. Little does he know Will's about to take him down.

When Will shoved Snyder's entire head into the toilet and held him there while he kicked like a bucking bronco, and gurgle-screamed through that filthy water, I thought he was a goner.

That was intense, and I was literally holding my breath.

Snyder Helping Himself - Colony Season 3 Episode 9

The look on Will's face told me he wasn't letting go. When Snyder's feet started twitching, I was getting ready to say goodbye to Snyder for good, when Will suddenly let go and allowed Snyder and I to breathe again.

What a scene, and what a relief Will let him go. No matter how you feel about Snyder and the way he operates, you can't deny he's pivotal to the show.

We know Bram wasn't too happy about Snyder getting away again.

I was there too, remember? Teaching Charlie how to play poker. Frying an egg for him every morning. Uncle Alan! I loved that kid too! I buried him. I found his body and I didn't leave until he had a place to rest.


Will must feel like a complete and utter failure as a father. He feels responsible for Charlie's death, and now he knows that Bram has no qualms about killing. Doesn't feel an ounce of guilt.

No wonder he was a puddle at the end. He couldn't even speak.

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All that pent-up rage and pushing down his emotions finally spilled out in pure raw pain. You could feel it through the screen.

I know I was a blubbering mess right alongside Will.

Bram at His New Job - Colony

It was nice to see Will being Will again, though, and I'm wondering what's going to happen to him going forward. He'll still grieve, obviously, but I have a feeling Will's going to get to the bottom of what's going on in Seattle now.

He's going to have a new focus, and he's going to remember he's got two other kids and a wife to think about.

I'm glad he couldn't kill Snyder. It means that he's not completely gone in a well of grief. He's still got his morals.

Bram on the other hand. I'm a bit concerned about that one. If anyone is going to kill Snyder, it's going to be him, so Snyder better watch his back.

The thing is, everyone blames themselves! Will does, Bram does, and Snyder does. 

Part of it's probably true, but that's the problem. You never know which part.


The fact is there were a whole host of events that led to Charlie's death. Just like anything, the chain of events led to what happened.

It wasn't just one person's fault.

It happened and it sucks.

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No amount of playing woulda, coulda, shoulda is going to change the fact Charlie is dead.

I thought that Snyder declaring his love for Charlie would save him, but it didn't. In the end, the only thing that saved Snyder was Will realizing he didn't want to kill.

Will knows it's not Snyder's fault. He instinctively knows Snyder does the things he does to survive.

Don't they all?

Kynes Talks to Snyder - Colony Season 3 Episode 9

Snyder's got a unique set of skills that makes him good at the game in play at this moment. So does Will! They're different skill sets, but there they are.

I hope Will breaking down like he did will break down the wall between him and Katie. The family is so separated right now when they need each other the most.

I don't know that Bram will forgive Will for letting Snyder go.

He's a kid and really doesn't have the maturity or the experience to understand Will's point of view. What kid does? That's what parents are for.

Bram: Why is he still alive?
Will: I wanted him to confess.

No matter how painful, Will has to teach Bram right from wrong, even if that means Bram hates Will for it. For now.

In the meantime, Broussard got the information he wanted, and the next step is for he, Amy, and Will to investigate Blake Island.

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From the information we got from Snyder, it's obvious Will is chosen for something, which we already knew. But what?

Broussard Playing Spy - Colony Season 3 Episode 9

He's not an outlier because he's not lying in a stasis chamber, so what did the algorithm say about Will?

Maybe the hosts have marked him to be a leader of the biological human weapon army they're building.

Time will tell.

Snyder: Well, then I'm not talking.
Broussard: Your choice, but as long as you're talking, you're breathing.

One thing we do know is Kynes knows a hell of a lot more than he lets on. Chances are he knows what Will has been pegged for.

I'd like to see him interrogated by Broussard and Will, with a full toilet close by, in case things have to get ugly.

Over to you, Colony fans! Were you hoping Will would kill Snyder? How do you think Will is going to be going forward? Were you surprised to find out the biological weapon is comprised of humans? We did get a sneak peek at one in Colony Season 3 Episode 8.

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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The Big Empty Review

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Colony Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Snyder: Well, then I'm not talking.
Broussard: Your choice, but as long as you're talking, you're breathing.

Part of it's probably true, but that's the problem. You never know which part.