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A trio of high school kids bully Britta and Jeff this week, as they're at Greendale to get some college credit and are making fun of students there for attending a community college. Jeff and Britta are at a loss for this mockery, which largely consists of copying everything the duo says and then adding "D'uh!" at the end.

Even Jeff and Britta's plan to have the former sleep with one of the bullies moms doesn't work, as guest star Lisa Rinna just makes fun of him for it.

Elsewhere, Troy helps Abed complete his "bucket list" of first-year college activities. They pledge a fraternity, they steal a rival school mascot. Abed creates some sort of robot called the Boob-a-Tron. It's ridiculous, great stuff.

Also, Pierce crosses a line when he pulls down the pants of Shirley as a joke. She's had enough and forces the group to choose between her and Pierce. They choose her, leaving Pierce to leave and sulk - but then they realize they have no one to pick on and try to get Pierce to apologize to Shirly. He messes it up by apologizing to the wrong black woman. Insulted, Shirley also leaves the group.

But eventually her and Pierce reconcile because they realize they are really the parents of everyone in the study group. Pierce also shows respect for Shirley as a single mother.

This all comes together in the cafeteria, as Jeff and Britta are about to lose a D'uh-off with the bullies. Pierce and Shirley pants the kids, which causes them to stop saying "d'uh." It also leads to a food fight, which happened to be on Abed's list.

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Community Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Britta: So what's the context for constantly calling me as a lesbian?
Pierce: If the wallet chain fits... I'm just trying to help you find yourself.

I got a B on my nutrition final, and I am celebrating with pie and a dollop of whipped irony.