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-Annie's brother, Anthony, is visiting, and Annie has some news for Abed: she'd like Anthony to move in.

-Abed has some surprising news for Annie, too: he'd like Rachel, his girlfriend, to move in.

-Annie, Abed, Rachel, and Anthony have a tense group dinner, after which Annie and Abed demand that they group all play an old-fashioned VCR-based video game called "Pile of Bullets."

-Only Annie and Abed know, however, that the winner of the game decides who will move into the apartment.

-Annie and Abed become more fiercely competitive as the game goes on, while Anthony and Rachel become more and more confused by the arcane game and its strange rules.

-Once it becomes clear to Rachel and Anthony what is afoot, both are offended, and Rachel leaves.

-Anthony denies that her ever wanted to live in the apartment, and tells Annie to work on her issues.

-Abed apologizes to Rachel, saying that he had hoped having her move in would keep her from pulling away from him.

-Rachel accepts his apology.

-Annie and Abed decide to get a new roommate from Craigslist.

-Shirley, Jeff, and Hickey stumble upon a large cache of new science textbooks in the basement.

-They decide to sell them on the black market for a profit.

-When Chang accidentally overhears their scheme, they decide to tie him up until they've sold the books, because they can't trust him.

-The group brings Britta in to help sell the textbooks on the street.

-One by one, the group turns on each other, until only Shirley remains in charge of the textbooks.

-But when she tries to sell them, she finds that they were abandoned in the basement for a good reason--they are misprinted, and have no page numbers.

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Community Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Annie: That's why Abed is like a brother to me. You guys are so alike.
Abed: I can't accept that based on one time machine story.

You're like ice cream cake out there--overkill.