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A young girl, Vesta, wanders through an abandoned carnival. She snuck out of her house after a fight with her mother. 

She comes across three spooky girls wearing wedding dresses. They tell Vesta they're married to "the man," and he lets them do whatever they want. Would she like to be married to "the man" as well, they ask. Vesta says she would and follows them home.

Constantine and Zed head to New Orleans to help Detective Jim Corrigan with a missing girl's case.

As it turns out, Jim had picked up the case after another detective went missing and later appeared mummified. Markings on the man's chest proved there was a Satanist involved. This Satanist is none other than "the man," and he's already met his next victim.

The trio decide to visit the deceased detective's corpse for more answers, when the thing suddenly sits up. Gary Lester's voice begins to speak through it warning John there's a price on his head. We soon learn Papa Midnite plans to collect it.

Our supernatural investigators visit Vesta's house, where John grabs her toothbrush and hair from a brush to pierce the veil. He proceeds to smash a lamp then shoves his finger inside socket. This little trick allowed him to see through Vesta's eyes briefly. He now knew where she was taken from.

Papa Midnite creates and sends a voodoo zombie after John. The creature is quickly killed by Jim, forcing Midnite to find Constantine himself.

Throughout all this, Zed continued having flashes of Jim's death. She couldn't bring herself to look him in the eyes and he noticed it.

Our heroes were running out of time, so John asked Zed to force herself to have a vision of the killer. She even managed to see an address.

Unfortunately, when they arrived, "the man" and his brides were somewhere else entirely. John did bump into Papa Midnite, who attempted to shoot him, but John got the upper hand using a glamor spell.

John, Zed and Jim eventually locate "the man," save Vesta and free the souls of the killer's young victims.

Jim arrests the Satanist but John convinces him this evil man did not deserve the chance to do this again. Jim understands, he frees "the man," but shoots him dead shortly after.

Zed confesses to Jim that she's been seeing visions of him dead. He seemed to take it rather well, rewarding her with a kiss.

As Papa Midnight sits in a police car waiting to be hauled away to jail; time freezes. Manny appears to him and cancels the price on John Contantine's head confessing to Midnight that the brujeria work for him.


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Constantine Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

John: The girls were taken by a Satanist.
Zed: Why? What does he want them for?
John: A full moon symbolizes rebirth, but the blood moon most likely sacrifices to usher in the new cycle.

Amberly: Are you lonely?
Vesta: I snuck out of the house. Me and my momma was arguing again. How come ya'll are out so late.
Caroline: He lets us do whatever we want.
Vesta: Who does?
Waynetta: The man.
Amberly: We're married to him; all of us.