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Brad and Kiera must confront how their relationship began while dealing with the danger of a Liber8 attack. 

Peace of mind. Meet HALO. Real time medical monitoring and disease monitoring. This is what peace of mind looks like.

Brad has trouble understanding why he can't reconcile the Kiera in his mind with the one in the present.

Kiera's bathroom sink is frakkin' awesome.

Brad did shoot dead Kiera, right between the eyes.

Jason goes to dig up the Toblerone chocolate orange slices of the time machine -- there are 8 of them.

Brad was working with Curtis when he was hit by a truck.

Kiera and Carlos bring in Jason. He's holding the second device which is now in lockup. He's tweaking.

Halo fixes Jason like an addict getting a fix.

Carlos tells Kiera Alec Sadler isn't her boy; not anymore.

Kiera goes to Alec. He's wearing HALO. Nothing is right.

Carlos finds out Dillon is helping Alec.

Brad goes to Kellog. He knows him better than he realizes.

Kiera tells Carlos that Alec dug out dead Kiera's CMR. He's not happy. He goes to Julian.

Brad remembers why he is there an goes to get something in his hiding spot. It's in his own garage, from when he was a boy.

Garza, Sonya, Travis and Lucas pick up Brad and Kiera. They plan on interrogating Bad to find out who send him.

Jason holds Julian hostage until Alec puts the HALO back onto him and Garza terrorizes Kiera until Brad talks.

Brad was sent back because his people thought a cataclysmic time anomaly happened in this city at this time. He doesn't know about the corporate congress because they all collapsed. Kiera want to hear it. Global economy cratered, the government tried to nationalize industries but that didn't work. Companies started to cannabalise each other. They took up arms, formed factions. declared war against the government. There was war.

Brad left because he didn't like what he remembered. He tells Kiera he killed her.

Alec thinks he's working for good. Dillon wants to track people via HALO to search forstrange behavior.

Kiera tells Liber8 about the alternate timeline and that Garza is working for Alec.

Kellog sent Brad back. Kellog working for himself, Curtis working for the freelancers and Garza working for Sadler. Their plans were compromised from the beginning. Nobody controls the future. It is an ever evolving organism, free to change and adapt as it sees fit.

Brad can show them. Curtis says let him open their eyes. He takes out a necklace and a video plays. It's Kellog. They have had enough. They must rise up and act as one before it is too late.

Brad tells Curtis he's not the same person who came through and Curtis and Kellog are on their own now. Sonya still wants to fight for what they believe in. Brad puts his gun down.


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Continuum Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Travis: Time for some answers, future man. What are you doing here?
Brad: I'm here to clean up your mess.

Just because Alec believes HALO is harmless doesn't mean it is.