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On Night 9 of the quarantine, the people at Bitscan let the gang member and Teresa's mom inside the facility. Jana hands over the sat phone and he tries to take them all back to the grocery store. Susie sees someone coming up the elevator. It's Jake. He sends the gang member on his way and hands Jana the encrypted file. Lex arrives outside the cordon to find the National Guard is displacing anyone who lives within a 100 foot distance of the wall.

Jana and Jake discover that the data on the file was manually encrypted. Teresa begins moaning outside and they all fear she's in labor. Jana puts her in a clean room in case she delivers the baby and they hear a gunshot. The garage tweakers are trying to get into Bitscan and everyone inside is tense.

Xander and Teresa's mom join her in the clean room and he tries to keep her calm. Her mother blurts out that the sound they heard was a gunshot. Leann and Xander continue arguing over where Teresa needs to be when she goes into labor and Xander shuts her up. Their focus is Teresa and not their personal differences.

Jake and one of the Bitscan guys go upstairs to secure the roof and are attacked by two of the tweakers. Jake kills them both and rallies the two of them back to their mansion. Sam and Jana keep trying to secure the floor vents and realize the tweakers are already inside. Jana uses a lighter and a spray can to burn the tweakers out of the vents. 

Lex enters one of the National Guard shelters and finds his father who has been displaced.

Because of the attacks, the clean rooms at Bitscan have been compromised. Tony is missing and someone is on the elevator. When it comes back up to their floor, Tony falls out. He's been killed by an infected tweaker who dies on their doorstep.

Lex gets his dad a coffee and hands over the keys to his apartment. They're on unfriendly terms so the father doesn't want to accept. Talk turns to Lex's position as the cordon's spokesman and how his role with the police is no longer secure. Lex's dad shares more information about the event which got him fired from the police force and suggests Lex find a little more anger in order to deal with the situation.

Jana sees a look in Jake's eyes and knows he's thinking about a girl. He opens up about Katie and about how his recent near-death encounter left him feeling like he'd never see her again. Xander finds Teresa contemplating their future as parents. Susie volunteers to collect their bag and when she's trapped inside the office buffer zone, the power goes out.

Lex prepares his men for their patrol and continues helping evacuees. Susie begins hyperventilating inside the buffer zone because she's claustrophobic. They hear something in the elevator and Sam makes a suggestion about what it may be. Jana volunteers to go into the stairwell to restore their power and asks to go alone. She finds the gang member dead and sees the sat phone on the ground near him. After restoring the power just in time for Sam to send the elevator back down, she sees dozens of men coming into the building and grabs the sat phone to call Lex.

He's shocked to hear from her and she begs for help. He hears her being attacked by a tweaker and looks around to find a way inside. That's the last sound he hears from him. She makes it back into Bitscan and warns Jake that tweakers are on the way in. They come up with a plan to get themselves and everyone else to safety and Lex is caught trying to get inside the cordon.

Jana, Jake, and Sam trap everyone inside one of the clean rooms and then blow the tweakers up in another of the rooms. As they survey the wreckage, one of the tweakers wakes up and bites Leann, probably infecting her.

Lex is loaded into a van and carried away. Jana hands Jake the unencrypted file and tells Jake the phone she used was government issued. Xander and Teresa say goodbye to Leann not knowing if it will be the last time they'll ever see her. She gives the teens her blessing to raise their daughter together.

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Containment Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Jake: Do you think if I had worn this on our first and only date we would've gone out again?
Jana: It's an improvement on the trucker hat.

Great. You guys are two Sudafed short of a meth lab.