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Rebecca discovers that Josh is a volunteer camp counselor at a camp for underprivileged youth. Paula suggests that she get into that camp as a counselor as well in order to reminisce with Josh about their great times at summer camp when they were kids. Rebecca buys her way into the camp as the director of female empowerment. 

At camp, Rebecca brings a letter which she wrote to Josh when they were sixteen years old. She tries to find the perfect opportunity to read it to him, and settles on sunset.

After Rebecca shares the letter with Josh, he assumes it to be filled with jokes. Rebecca leaves, tossing the note in the trash after her. Josh digs the heartfelt words from the trash and discovers that Rebecca's words for him were actually quite moving. He's also touched that Rebecca has believed in him for so many years, and that she completely supports what he does, something he doesn't feel at all from his girlfriend, Valencia. 

When Heather decides that she wants to be in an exclusive relationship with Greg, he becomes uncomfortable by how serious their relationship has become. He suggests they take time apart, but after a run in with a former high school crush, Greg realizes that it's time for him to grow up and take charge of his commitment issues. 

Darryl throws a party at his home in an attempt to be one of the guys. As Darryl creates friendships, he finds himself the unexpected object of someone's attention. 


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Josh: Sometimes it’s like you don’t understand me, or even believe in me. It sucks.
Valencia: What? Of course I do! I believe that one day you will focus on our future instead of fun stuff.

I love Joshua Felix Chan.