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On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 9, to prove that Rebecca is crazy, Valencia invites her along on a group trip to the beach.

In an attempt to impress Josh and his crew, Rebecca rents a party bus to drive them, with hopes of playing games and bonding with them to win their friendship.

Paula tries to discourage Rebecca from taking this trip, convinced that it will end badly, as Rebecca's adventures often do. Paula's main concern? That Rebecca isn't being honest with herself about her feelings for Josh. 

Also on board for the beach trip is Greg and his new gal pal, and Rebecca's neighbor, Heather. Rebecca's reaction be to the news that Greg and Heather have started dating is one of shock twinged with jealousy. 

Darryl also joins the bus and bonds with White Josh. The two new besties bond over a love of working out. 

When Valencia finally gets Rebecca to admit the truth about why she moved to West Covina, the group is stunned. Rebecca's main concern is how Josh feels about her lie.

Josh stuns her with his reaction; he completely understands and he's honored that he is the person who convinced her that West Covina is a magical place. 

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Paula: You are just setting yourself up for another one of your disasters!
Rebecca: What do you mean ANOTHER one of my disasters?
Paula: Taco festival, the Spider’s debacle, getting stuck in your shrink’s doggy door, begging a client to sleep with your mother, and lest we forget POOPSGIVING?
Rebecca: Those were unfortunate, but random, occurrences!

Women gotta stick together all across this land, except Denise Martinez. That bitch I cannot stand.