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When Rebecca accidentally sends a message meant for Paula to Josh Chan, she finds herself in a textmergency. 

In order to avoid Josh seeing the text, she breaks into his apartment to delete it from his phone.

When Josh catches Rebecca leaving his home, she lies about her home being broken into in order to gain his sympathy and to cover up the true nature of her own break-in. 

Meanwhile, Paula and her husband, Scott, find themselves in couple's counseling with Father Brah, who tasks them with spending an evening together. All is going poorly until Rebecca calls for help. Paula and Scott end up reconnecting over shenanigans for the crazy ex-girlfriend, and find themselves communicating better than ever before. 

When Josh discovers the truth about Rebecca's deception, he is both hurt and confused and their friendship is put to the test. Can he forgive her for breaking his trust and tricking him into spending the evening with her?

Also making matters worse, Greg shows up and seems eager to help Rebecca clean up her mess...until he realizes that the mess involves Josh Chan, and that he is, once again, Rebecca's second choice. 

How will Rebecca talk her way out of this sticky situation? 


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Paula: I don’t want another man. I mean, the only thing I’ve been cheating on you with is Rebecca’s love life. She’s so in love and it’s been so intoxicating to witness it in its purest form. I’m addicted.
Scott: Who’s she in love with?
Paula: You really wanna know?
Scott: Yes I do and we’ve got nothing but time right.
Paula: Okay, well what happened was she was working hard at a New York job making dough, but it made her blue…

You’re blowing up on social media Father Brah! We all love your Instagram and how you tag everything #hashtagblessed.