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No one knows where Rebecca is after Josh left her, turns out she was staying in a hotel but finally decided to resurface so she could get her revenge on Josh. She dyes her hair and calls a meeting at the office.

Paula and Scott are still trying to figure out their relationsip, with Paula making him sign in and out every day and asking for him to pass three lie detector tests before he can return to their bed.

He passes Paula's many tests but she doesn't seem very excited to share a bed.

During sex Paula tells Scott to call her Tonya, then after says they should never speak about it again.

Paula and Scott try again the next night and decide they just want to be with one another. 

Rebecca calls everyone and says her whole plan is to send Josh her poop but label it as cupcakes. Valencia, Heather, and Paula think it is a little small of an idea. That pushes Rebecca to try to cast a guy to film a fake sex tape with her where he pretends to be Josh saying he hates Jesus so the real Josh can't become a priest. 

They find a guy who looks too much like Josh.

Nathaniel stops by Rebecca's house during a run and makes up a silly excuse about why he is there. This time around though it is Nathaniel that is on the hook for Rebecca. 

Rebecca doesn't realize how horrible her plan is, even planning to have sex with the fake Josh until Paula snaps her out of it. Rebecca reveals that she didn't care what happened to her, which her friends point out to her and how that isn't okay.

The girls get drunk and Paula says Rebecca should sue Josh. 

Paula asks Rebecca about Robert but she lies and says it was a dog from her past. Rebecca stills sends her poop for Josh to eat in secret. 

Nathaniel casts a date to show Rebecca that he is doing fine. 

White Josh and Darryl are still trying to figure out the plan for children. White Josh wants to focus on his protein bar while Darryl actually wants them to figure out where to go from there. 

Darryl tries to push White Josh's bars along so he could move on to wanting kids, but that only makes White Josh think they need therapy. They go to a therapist and talk things through for the better. White Josh tells Darryl he will think about having kids. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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