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Trent shows up at Rebecca's house making ti clear that he wants them to date. Rebecca blows him off so he decides to blackmail her into being with him. Turns out that after he ruined her wedding he followed her to her hotel but first got hit by a truck. He broke every bone in his body and had to heal, which he did partly in the desert with some wolves.

He then came back into Rebecca's life and managed to track her on the dark web, making it all come full circle since he was the one that saw Rebecca taking a hit out on Mona. 

Rebecca ends up agreeing to date him but brings him into the office when she expects Nathaniel not to be there so she could trick Paula into getting them somewhere where she could tell her what is going on.

Paula though says she can't help Rebecca do anything illegal because she is trying to be a lawyer, which is not what Rebecca is looking for. She then lies to Paula and says Trent has stuff on her too to convince Paula to join her.

They work together and think they find out that Trent is involved with drugs and illegal activity which they track back to some storage unit of his. There Rebecca sees an entire shrine dedicated to her and opens up a strange box that sprays paint on her and Paula, a bug that Trent had installed because he wanted to see if Rebecca's love for him is real.

Rebecca finally breaks and tells Trent she doesn't love him and will never love him. in a very clear Rebecca/Josh and Trent/Rebecca parallel, Trent doesn't want to admit it but Rebecca finally gets him to see that he isn't going to get from her what he wants so he leaves. 

Meanwhile, Nathaniel sees Rebecca with Trent and thinks she is getting serious with someone else so he tries to figure out his relationship with Mona.

Mona pieces together that he slept with Rebecca but Nathaniel convinces her that maybe they should try again but should move in together to make it more serious. He then moves his stuff to Darryl's office so he wouldn't have to interact with Rebecca as much anymore. 

Valencia and Beth are trying to get more business but Valenica wants high class jobs that she will never get because their business isn't exactly booming.

Beth and Josh convince Valencia that they should take on a girl's birthday party but Valencia tries to do everything like he sees it, which is nothing like Jamie wanted.

Finally Beth makes Valencia see that she shouldn't hate on small towns when she is from one and there is nothing wrong with that. This pushes Valencia and Josh to figure out their issues and dance at the party together. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

We have to buy onion rings every hour just to keep the wifi going.


Trent: Period sex. Period sex.
Rebecca: No, you don't get to sing that.