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An article about Rebecca is published and after reading the comments she becomes scared of leaving the house. She doesn't want to face people so she invents ways in which she doesn't have to. She then imprints on the story of the murder that happened in her house, thinking that the girl that was killed is calling to her.

Rebecca recruits Paula, Valencia, and Heather to help and they reach out to the ghost. Rebecca decides that the girl wants them to bring her flowers because it is the anniversary of her death. They go and meet the security guard from a previous season, who tells Rebecca to embrace her past and move forward instead of lingering. 

Darryl feels like he isn't a good enough parent so he decides to hunt for breast milk. He asks White Josh to watch the baby while he tries to track it down, and Josh visits them during that time. Then Darryl brings back enough for a week and starts worrying about getting it again, which is when his daughter and ex-wife and White Josh remind him that he is a good dad. 

Nathaniel comes back to work expecting everything to be the same but Burt, the guy who helped Rebecca buy the majority of the company has been hired by Nathaniel's dad. Burt is now everyone's boss and Nathaniel doesn't like it, so he finds dirt out on him to try to leverage that. His father says he was worried, but only about the company, so seeing Nathaniel care this much again makes him reinstate it. Burt doesn't accept it though because he owns the majority share and likes working there. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Paula: Hon, have you been online today?
Rebecca: That's a terrifying sentence.

Yeah, she flushes her tampons, but that is like the worst thing I could say about her.