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Josh, White Josh, and Hector's ten year high school reunion comes up and Greg returns for it. Rebecca sees him and doesn't recognize this new version of Greg. They decide to reconnect, with Rebecca wondering if she should tell him that she slept with his father. She keeps texting Paula who is studying and doesn't see her phone all night.

Greg suggests they don't focus on the past, starting fresh instead. This works and they end up spending time making food and dancing and reconnecting. Rebecca finds out he broke up with his ex and gets even more excited about possibly exploring romance again. But then Greg mentions how he and his father are working on their relationship and she realizes he has to learn from her what happened.

Greg is confused and decides to leave to figure things out.

Josh is excited for the reunion because he was the Prom King. The whole night he becomes annoying and Hector tells him that he didn't even win. White Josh won but thought it was corny and felt like Josh would like it more so it went to him. Josh becomes upset and George reaches out, revealing that they went to school together. George educates him on everything he missed during high school when he was cool, and he joins George's magic club.

Valencia seems nervous about the reunion and Heather wants to know the drama so she bugs her about who she doesn't want to see. Heather assumes she is nervous to see the first girl she had a crush on. Valencia reveals that she cheated on Josh without someone else and then when the person asked her to choose she chose them, leaving a note in their jacket.

They never reached out to her so she spent this whole time thinking they didn't like her. Turns out the person was Father Brah, and he lost his jacket so he never read the note. He finds it and he talks to Valencia about how they missed their chance but that it was still nice to reflect back on how she did love him, the same way that he loved her. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Heather: Also using your sexual fluidity as a red herring? Baller move.
Valencia: My pronouns tracked, that was you. Check your assumptions.

Heather: You’re here! How long will you be here?
Valencia: The rest of the series. Of holidays, I mean.