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Two joggers in Central Park have been savagely killled apparently by an animal. Garcia crashes Alvez's date to let him know there's a case. Then a man is attacked after mugging a visiting couple. Word about the unsub has leaked out through the press. The M.E. tells Rossi and Simmons that the saliva found in the bite wounds is human. Lewis said the unsub thinks he's a werewolf. Reid thinks the unsub created a device that mimics dog bites. The police pick up Chad Higgins, who is so stoned that he confesses to the crimes because he can't remember what he did. The unsub then kills a food cart worker. Alvez and JJ try to help Chad remember what he remembers when he was sleeping on the park bench. The unsub placed a bloody coat over him. The unsub, Mitchell McCord, meets up with his estranged wife Adele, trying to reconcile, but she rejects him. Mitchell kills a woman, outside the park for the first time, and takes her engagement ring. The BAU thinks the unsub may have been triggered by an incident involving a family member in the park. Garcia discovers the McCords' teen son Bryce was shot by a mugger and he died in his mother's arms in the park when Mitchell froze. Adele blamed Mitchell for Bryce's death. When Chad rejects his kind gesture, Mitchell pulls him away into the woods. A passerby calls it in. Alvez talks Adele through trying to get Mitchell to surrender. Mitchell releases Chad and is arrested. Alves and Lisa go out for a game of pool.

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 12 Quotes

Wild beast or human, either way, wheels up in 20.


[About Garcia] There's a very colorful girl who's trying to get your attention.

Lisa [to Alvez]