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Three men take over the law firm where Simmons' wife Kristy works. The BAU gets called to take charge of the hostage situation. Simmons isn't allowed to go to the building, so he stays with Prentiss and Rossi to develop a profile. The gunmen take the hostages' communication devices. Bricks of C4 are wired to all the office's doors. A woman who refuses to negotiate for the gunmen is killed by their leader. He demands the release of Leonard Hagland from prison, or he will execute a hostage every 15 minutes. Hagland is the leader of the Horsemen white-supremacist group, on death row for killing two state troopers. Using the new phone she had bought for Matt, Kristy calls 9-1-1 and is patched through to Garcia. Bad Guy No. 1 kills a second hostage. Kristy picks up the phone from where she had hidden it, switches it to video-call mode, then places it on a high shelf, to give the BAU a view of the scene. Bad Guy No. 1 is revealed to be Josh Martin, Hagland's illegitimate son. Rossi confronts Hagland about Martin. Hagland would only agree to talk to Martin if he got taken off death row. Another employee arguing with Kristy draws Martin's attention, and he discovers the broadcasting phone. After he threatens to kill that big-mouthed employee, Kristy takes responsibility. Martin hits her and drags her out by the hair. He sets up the phone and points a gun at her head. Lewis dictates to Kristy through an earbud Martin's life story, which Kristy repeats. Martin kills one of his dissenting underlings. Simmons sneaks away and breaches the office's through a maintenance shaft. He shoots the second underling, and then battles Martin hand to hand, threatening to choke him until Kristy stops him.

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 19 Quotes

Today is a special day, when all of you get to become a part of history.

Martin [to the hostages]

SImmons: You know me by now.
Kristy: You're a creature of habit. But habits are made to be broken.