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Three workers at a Silicon Valley video-game company are killed. Prentiss is concerned about the sketchiness of Alvez's report about Scratch's death. Alvez told her exactly what happened, and she agreed that he did the right thing. Simmons and JJ track down Hugh Fitzgerald, a recently fired worker who wrote a racist, anti-immigrant rant. He was just an idiot who had nothing to do with the shooting. The victims seem to have been targeted. Then four workers at a second company are shot. Based on the angle of the firing, Reid figures out that an unsub is using a drone to do the shooting. Six of the victims spent some of the previous year unemployed. The unsub, Jake Labon, has his drone shoot up the car of Tori Hoffstadt, but abducts her. She worked for Peakstone, who recruited gamers to pilot drones in war zones. Jake is freaking out over all the people his drone team had killed, and he's killing them off as a result. Tori grabs a gun and shoots at Jake. Peakstone's chief, Mr. X, tells Prentiss that some of their workers have trouble dealing with the body counts they are given. Prentiss calls that information a trigger for a serial killer. Tori gets picked up and taken to a hospital. Rossi, Reid and Simmons find Jake dead on the floor, killed by the drone hacked by Peakstone. Garcia finds that the drone team killed everyone at an elementary school in Afghanistan. They fear that Tori is the next target for Peakstone. They stop the assassin before he can kill Tori. Tori admits Peakstone tried to cover up the massacre. JJ and Alvez arrest Tori, then Mr. X.

Criminal Minds
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