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Teens in Bridgewater, Fla, stop at a restaurant under construction to find a restroom, but one stumbles on a dismembered body instead. The BAU immediately suspects local cannibalistic killer Floyd Feylinn Ferell. Since Ferrell is in a psychiatric facility, they figure it's a copycat. Ferell brings up bad memories for Garcia, since she was shot when the team was initially working on his case. Worried about Garcia, JJ stays behind to keep an eye on her. The coroner said the crime is an exact copy of Ferell's earlier killing. Ferell has been on supervised home visits to his sister's home for weeks. Ferell's lawyer claims that the copycat killer is the actual killer, and Ferell is innocent. So the team is split between monitoring Ferell and finding the copycat. Garcia keeps having flashbacks to when she got shot. She snaps at Rossi, then stalks off. Reid and Alves find a satanic shrine locked in a closet at Ferell's sister's house. Ferell keeps referring to a friend. Lee-Ann Kelton, mother of Ferell's earlier victim Abby Kelton, gets abducted. Reid and Matt find a second victim, Evonne, at the warehouse where Ferell's earlier abductee, Sheryl Timmons, had been held. Morgan shows up and calms down Garcia. JJ had called him. Evonne was the copycat's first kill. So this would mean he couldn't have been operating 10 years ago. So the copycat was developed by Ferell, to help him get out of his facility.  Suspicion falls on Marcus Manning, the younger brother of the second victim's fiancee. Marcus abducted Lee-Ann and took her to Ferell's old house. Rossi and Alves arrive, but Marcus kills himself after confessing to all the murders. Garcia wonders where the other five of Evonne's fingers are. Rossi gets a search warrant to check Ferell's stomach for the fingers and Ferell freaks out at being caught..

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 5 Quotes

I like to turn things upside down, to watch pictures and situations from another perspective. -- Ursus Wehrli


Orderly: C'mon, Floyd. You must have worked up an appetite over the weekend.
Ferell: Not tonight. I'm already full.