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Four young women have disappeared under similar circumstances over the past five years in Virginia. The unsubs are holding the women in a bunker and observing them. The team attempts to figure out the connection among the women, other than them all being professional women. Joanna Miller talks to JJ about her missing teen sister Chrissy, who doesn't fit the profile. Allie meets Irene Jacobs, who seems to be in charge of the bunker where the women are being held. Allie takes Dr. Childs hostage briefly, but falls unconscious after being drugged. Garcia found two more who disappeared at the same time as Chrissy. The unsubs are taking pregnant teens and professional women to care for them. A second unsub, Lawrence Coleman, decides to kill Dr. Childs. Another pediatrician, Paige Burrell, is kidnapped to replace her. Reid figures out that the unsub is abducting women based on the Doomsday Clock. Coleman and Jacobs are planning to repopulate a post-apocalyptic world and are brainwashing the captives with a video. They introduce Dr. Burrell to the young mothers and their children. Allie sneaks a knife from the kitchen, which she uses to take Irene hostage, so that she and Dr. Burrell can escape. Using a narrowing list of criteria, Garcia identifies Coleman, then Irene. As a counselor, Irene was identifying potential victims. Reid and JJ figure out that there's a bunker buried on Irene's land, and locate the escape hatch. Reid and JJ go into the bunker, setting off alarms. Coleman abandons Irene. Reid and JJ get trapped in a room. JJ gets through to Chrissy, who knocks out Coleman with a flashlight. The BAU members share their plans for when the apocalypse arrives.

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 6 Quotes

You're a doctor. You're supposed to help people. How do you live with yourself?

Allie [to Dr. Childs]

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with a whimper. -- T.S. Eliot