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The BAU investigates the murder of a young woman who was crushed to death by heavy rocks.  Later they discover the body of another young woman who was thrown from a cliff.  After a creepy guy stalks a woman in a library, his body is later found hanging in a public park.  The team determines that the Unsub is a moral vigilante - someone who is living a fantasy of being in an earlier age, and that he is hunting and executing what he perceives to be witches.  After the Unsub captures another victim and her daughter, the woman "confesses" to her crime of witchcraft in order to save her daughter.  She convinces the Unsub that her daughter has the "mark of the angel" behind her ear.  The Unsub isn't convinced, and decides to burn them both at the stake.  The BAU arrives just as the woman's pyre was starting to burn and when the Unsub moves to set the daughter on fire, Blake shoots and kills him.  Afterward,  Garcia hosts a Day of the Dead celebration for the team in her apartment.

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 6 Quotes

JJ: So I looked it up. No witches were ever burned at the stake in Salem.
Rossi: Really.
JJ: Death by fire was strictly a European thing.
Rossi: Moral of the story: be selective where you practice your witchcraft.

Mitch Albom said "death ends a life, not a relationship"