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Allie and Folsom investigate a murder at the clown-themed museum with the victim re-dressed up as a clown. Maxine tries to convince Nora to work with them on exonerating Hodges. Sara tells them that the luminol used at Klein's house came from the CSI lab. Max locks down the lab to check everybody's kits and sidearms. Grenades, like the one used to blow up Klein, are discovered missing. The victim's boyfriend is missing and Allie determines he's off his medication. Whoever took the grenades is still in the building. Allie finds a second clown body. It's the boyfriend. A couple staying at the motel seem too interested. But they're too stoned to have committed the murders. Allie and Folsom explore the creepy Funland portion of the motel, which had been broken into. They find bloody clothes there. It was Chris who borrowed the grenades. The mismatched luminol bottle incriminates Chris as well. Allie and Folsom lift fingerprints off of the origami flowers. The prints match serial killer Jeremiah Dalt, who is still in prison. They go to interview him. Chris says he had a bottle disappear at a crime scene last month, investigate the murder of a bailiff. Sara finds dandruff in the bailiff's car which couldn't be from the bald bailiff. Jeremiah slips up and reveals that he knows Tom is copycatting him. Folsom thinks Dalt is controlling Tom. He determines Tom cried over the victims. The dandruff DNA fingers Anson Wixx, the lawyer filing the class-action suit by the "wrongly-convicted," as the mastermind. Nora comes aboard the effort to trap Wixx. Chris apologizes to Maxine, who drafts him as part of the Klein investigation. Thekiller is Seymour Finch, the motel owner, who Dalt manipulated with a series of letters. Dalt has sent letters to recruit others as well. 

CSI: Vegas
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CSI: Vegas Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

This lab, CSI, is a crime scene.


Folsom: Are you a Stephen King fan?
Allie: No.
Folsom: Then forget ...
Allie: It.