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A diver finds remains of a child in a drum at the bottom of Lake Mead. It's a girl. Greg Saunders returns to the lab filling in for a night-shift supervisor on maternity leave. Max had him come in early to help with the body in the barrel. As Sonya recovers, Dr. Hudson has returned to man the morgue. He is joined by anthropologist Dr. Heather Tunmame. Tuname reconstructs the girl's face from the skull. So wrapped up in the case, Max misses the gallery opening for Bryan's girlfriend. Beau discovers the barrel came from a salt-mine company. The girl was killed by a single shot. Penny's hypothesis is that the girl was shot after church. Raquel Williams demands to see Max and tells her that the girl was her daughter, Phoebe Williams. The Williams family was shot at in the street and Phoebe's body was taken in 1982. The police barely investigated. A skeptical Raquel refuses to give Max a DNA swab to prove she's Phoebe's mother. Greg proves there was a second shot at Phoebe. Allie and Beau recover a 40-year-old bullet. Max catches up Raquel on the lab's progress. Raquel says the shooter was after the moneybox she had. The second bullet is lodged in Raquel. Raquel is willing to give up the bullet. But she extracts a promise from Max to bury Phoebe should anything happen to her. Daniel is leaving, giving up on the idea of reuniting with Max. Bryan tracks down Max. Raquel survives and hands the bullet to Max. Based on the bullet, Folsom determines the model of gun. It was used in a robbery in 1961 and the prime suspect in that case was the father of the diver who found the body. Phoebe's killer, he had gone to retrieve a license plate. Raquel dies.

CSI: Vegas
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CSI: Vegas Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Tumame: Maxine Roby, meet our little Jane Doe.
Maxine: We have your face. Now all we need is your name.

Maxine: So can you bring our little girl back to life?
Tumame: All I need is a quiet work area.
Maxine: I know just the place.