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The Silver Ink killer murdered Molly Tate. Byron's dad Daniel arrives just as Max and Byron are heading to their hotel room. The killer, Ron Winter, even left a fingerprint on Molly's card so the CSIs could identify him. Winter has an IQ of 160. Sonya has been poisoned by examining Molly's body, which was used as a Trojan horse. She gets rushed to the hospital. Hester demands a video-game system from Max and Catherine to help them track down Ron. They refuse. Allie and Jack, in hazmat suits, revisit Molly's body. They discover Winter's poison delivery method. Molly's mother interrupts Folsom and Serena's search of Molly's apartment. Catherine finds a drawer full of disabled smoke detectors in the White Room. Winter calls everyone in the lab. He urges them to sit back and relax while he lightens their workload. Winter's father comes to the lab but has little to offer. Daniel gives Max the keys to a friend's rental property. Beau and Penny find Winter's destroyed chemistry lab. Max and Catherine arrive at the prison just in time to see Hester rushed away in an ambulance and he later dies from the same poison as Molly. Winter leaves a poisoned cupcake for the cleaner who couldn't get a stain out of his shirt. Winter calls Allie to attempt to explain his motives. Allie determines Winter's poison is thallium. Sonya starts to improve with the antidote. Byron gets Max onto the chat room of Shadow Cell. From that, Max figures out that Winter is planning to poison all patients at a mental hospital. Winter infiltrates the facility disguised as a staffer. His dress shoes give him away to Catherine and Folsom tackles him. Beau finds and contains the thallium. Sonya wakes up but the lingering effects of the thallium are unknown.

CSI: Vegas
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CSI: Vegas Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Byron: You know we have a fully stocked mini-fridge in our hotel room.
Maxine: I am not paying $10 for bottled water, not even after the apocalypse. Your mom's a civil servant, not a high roller.

Catherine: Winters did say anyone, anywhere.
Max: Yeah, but he didn't tell us who's next.