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-J.R. confronts John Ross on his deception and they decide to work together. J.R. meets the Venezuelan backers who are planning to front the sale of Southfork.

-Bobby gets news that they removed the entire tumor but he must undergo treatments to prevent a recurrence. Christopher is upset his father kept the news from him for so long.  Elena is there to comfort him and they kiss.

-J.R. moves back to Southfork. He gives John Ross Miss Ellie's journal in order to blackmail Bobby forcing him to go ahead with the sale of Southfork.

-Mitch blackmails John Ross for even more money.  J.R. offers to help dig up dirt on Mitch's son.

-Cliff Barnes returns and wants to buy Southfork.  Bobby declines.  He also offers Christopher money for his project. When Christopher turns him down Cliff tells him he'll never be a real Ewing.

-John Ross finds out that Rebecca sent the e-mail that broke up Christopher and Elena two years ago.

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Dallas Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

J.R. Now I loved my daddy and I respected my daddy, but most importantly, I feared my daddy.

J.R.: It feels good doesn't it?
John Ross: Almost sinful.