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-Annie tells Bobby she knows about his illness and implores him to tell Christopher and fight to keep South Fork.

-J.R. shocks everyone by attending the Cattle Baron's Ball. He tells Bobby he agrees with him about selling South Fork. Bobby looks leery.

-J.R. runs into Sue Ellen and encourages her to run for governor.

-Mitch, Bobby's attorney wants more money from John Ross in order to continue the scam with the Del Sol Conservatory. He's been paid $500,000. He now wants $2 million.

-John Ross asks Marta for more money. She drugs him and videos them in bed together but later gives him more money.

-J.R. secretly travels to Mexico to meet with Marta's father, Carlos. Carlos has never heard of any deal to buy South Fork. When he calls his daughter into the room, J.R. realizes that it is not the same woman pretending to be Marta back in Dallas.

-Christopher asks Elena to work with him to find a solution to his methane extraction problem. She agrees.

-Rebecca and her brother Tommy have been running a scam against the Ewings. Tommy tells Rebecca not to get too used to being the new Mrs. Ewing.

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Dallas Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

He's stuck up son of bitch who thinks you ain't good enough for him.

John Ross

I'm the one who's going to steal South Fork from Bobby.