Dallas returns on TNT with all of our favorite characters plus some new ones to spice things up even more. You won't want to miss a minute. Watch Dallas online now at TV Fanatic.

Afton Cooper Returns
Watch Dallas Season 2 Episode 10
"Guilt & Innocence "
Original Air Date:

After the explosion, the safety of Christopher's methane technology is called into question. Pamela's mother comes to town and Sue Ellen asks an old friend to help Bobby keep the family united on Dallas.

Family Visits
Watch Dallas Season 2 Episode 9
"Ewings Unite!"
Original Air Date:

J.R.'s masterpiece continues when his will is read. Pamela aligns herself with John Ross while Christopher and Elena's relationship is strained and will Cliff's plotting put his daughter in danger on Dallas?

John Ross Mourns J.R.
Watch Dallas Season 2 Episode 8
"J.R.'s Masterpiece"
Original Air Date:

Family and friends gather to mourn the loss of J.R. as they try to decipher the mystery of who killed Dallas' most charming scoundrel.

A Tense Race
Watch Dallas Season 2 Episode 7
"The Furious and the Fast"
Original Air Date:

Bobby pulls Gary into the fight for Ewing Energies while Christopher competes in a winner take all race in the hopes of winning back the company on Dallas.

John Ross Makes a Play
Watch Dallas Season 2 Episode 6
"Blame Game"
Original Air Date:

John Ross needs Sue Ellen's help to gain control of Ewing Energies while Christopher is trying to garner a divorce from Pamela and an unwelcomed guest shows up at Southfork on Dallas.

Ann & Bobby Support One Another
Watch Dallas Season 2 Episode 5
"Trial and Error"
Original Air Date:

The Ewings rally as the trial begins for Ryland's shooting. Pamela and John Ross both deal with the consequences of going against their fathers and Drew find trouble on the road on this week's Dallas.

Will Annie Confess
Watch Dallas Season 2 Episode 4
"False Confessions"
Original Air Date:

On Dallas, Cliff Barnes returns while J.R. continues to work his schemes forcing John Ross to choose between a Ewing and a Barnes.

Christopher's Evidence
Watch Dallas Season 2 Episode 3
"Sins of the Father"
Original Air Date:

JR and John Ross work on a double power play, Christopher's evidence against Pamela mysteriously disappears as she fights to gain power over Ewing Energies and a new family member arrives on Dallas.

Dallas Season 2 Scene
Watch Dallas Season 2 Episode 2
"Venomous Creatures"
Original Air Date:

Elena works to get a foothold inside Ewing Energies and ends up with an unexpected offer while Rebecca crosses paths with multiple Ewings. Judith Light debuts as Harris Ryland's treacherous mother on Dallas.

Dallas Cast Image
Watch Dallas Season 2 Episode 1
"Battle Lines"
Original Air Date:

Dallas is back for Season 2, as the Ewings face a new enemy in the fight for Ewing Energies and Annie and Sue Ellen's fates become unexpectedly linked.

Watch Dallas online as TNT brings back the iconic series with original cast members and fan favorites. Larry Hagman is back as J.R. Ewing, Patrick Duffy as Bobby and Linda Gray as Sue Ellen. There's also a grown up John Ross and Christopher and let's not leave out Cliff Barnes. This time out Bobby and J.R. are still fussing and feuding over the state of Ewing Oil, now Ewing Energies and later, Ewing Global as the search for the latest energy sources proves that the power just isn't in oil any longer. Sue Ellen makes a bid for governor and she and J.R. continue to dance around one another. John Ross dates Christopher's old flame Elena Ramos as Christopher is about to marry Rebecca, only to find out she's keeping a dangerous secret. When Christopher decides to go ahead with the marriage, the long term consequences turn deadly. Many other original cast members and familiar characters come to visit Southfork as the new series continues years after the original series left off. And when there are Ewings and Barnes involved, you won't want to miss a minute of the drama. You can watch Dallas online right here at TV Fanatic.

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