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Adrian Maro convinces the crew to check in on one of Tabor's safehouses and they discover that Tabor's girlfriend Amber is being held hostage by a man named Goren, who demands a particular Ferrous Corp file that Tabor possessed in exchange for Amber's life.

Their "easy" trip to pick it up is complicated by the destruction of the space station it was housed on. Fortunately, Tabor kept a backup. Unfortunately, it's on a Ferrous-controlled station.

The Android is forced to rescue Adriand and Five when things don't go according to plan, and they once again come up empty. Finally, Adrian recalls that Tabor had a secret safehouse.

They got there and are momentarily delayed by a security android, which Three handles after a distraction by the Android. They recover the file.

When they go to trade i for Amber, however, she reveals that she was involved with Goren from the start. She then double-crosses Goren, too, and kills him.

Solara gets the drop on Amber, though, and they recover both the file and the decryption key, which Amber had.

The file reveals the location of a secret Ferrous Corp shipyard. By the time the Raza arrives, however, all the ships are gone.

Ryo encounters numerous setbacks in his position as emperor, including an assassination attempt and a major military loss. He rejects Teku's moderate approach in favor of more ruthless tactics.

Commander Nieman of Ferrous Corp ominously suggests that his people use "Agent Zero."

Dark Matter
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Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Five: The good news is that we got the right file, because it has Ferrous military-grade encryption.
Adrian Maro: What’s the bad news?
Five: It has Ferrous military-grade encryption!

You have something to say, Teku? You have some advice to offer on how to run *my* Empire?!