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Stein has been given hallucinogens and sees Cisco. Then he sees Vandal Savage, whether real or not, and doesn't recognize him. That's frightening.

Sara takes out an entire room of men while Rip and Snart tackle with one.

Yuri tells Rip that if their comrades are in that particular gulag, they must be insane, ruthless criminals. Cut to Ray and Mick walking to their cells. Ray is introducing himself to everyone. 

Kendra and Jax, already the weakest links, are sidelined. After all, Jax is the other half of Stein and Savage wants to kill Kendra who can kill him.

If Stein breaks, a bunch of firestorms will be born. So Sara gets to kill Stein in that case.

Ray isn't retarded, so I'm unclear why they're portraying him as such. 

Kendra wonders why they can't just send Stein a signal, since their communication goes both ways. They carve "we're coming" on Jax's arm and it appears on Stein's.

Ray gets shoved back into the cell and wonders why Mick didn't help him back in the yard when he was getting pummeled. Because he's only a team with Snart. Plus, Ray had that beat down coming. Well, Ray can't just sit around watching an old man get tossed. Mick agrees Ray is a better man than him..

Snart has definitely changed. He wants Sara to look right into Stein's eyes and kill him with her bare hands so she doesn't forget who she's dealing with. He's really not keen on allowing anyone on the team taking a hurt at their hands.

Meanwhile, Ray and Mick are being electrocuted while Stein looks on. 

Stein shares with Vostok that the Soviet Union crumbles in 1991. She doesn't care.

Kendra and Jax want to talk with Rip. They want to be a part of this team. She can fly Jax in and one touch and Stein can fly out. 

Finally! When Snart arrives with the ATOM suit and to break out Mick, Mick doesn't want to go without Ray. He took a beating for him.

Vostok sees Stein's arm. He's the missing link. She wants to merge with him. Kinky.

Poor Stein is essentially raped into being half of Vostok's creepstorm.  Jax saves him. They escape.

They're drinking when Chronos catches up.

They've been knocked out of the time stream. They're crash landing in place and time.

They're in 2046. It's a fiery mess. The Green Arrow comes up. He's a black dude and he's never heard of any Legends.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Ray: This must be where they keep the VIPs.
Mick: This is prison, jackass, there are no VIPs.

I just took out six men. You guys couldn't handle one?