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What makes Oliver and Sara even think Oliver would still be out as the Arrow in 30 years?

The timeline is not set in time, so they have to fix the Waverider.

Sara demands to go out with Snart, Mick and Rip.

In the Waverider, Ray and Kendra are flirting while Jax gets jealous.

Sara meets Slade's son while she's chatting with the new Green Arrow, who says Oliver hasn't been heard since the Uprising of 15 years ago. Must have been a Wednesday.

Jax takes his turn to flirt with Kendra. 

The Green Arrow takes Sara to Felicity's old equipment. Oliver is there. HA!

Connor Hawke is Diggle's son. That's the best part of the episode so far.

Everybody died.

Oliver tried to blame it on the fact Sara and Palmer got on a space ship and never returned. If they had come back, things would have ended differently.

Ray says he's going to get flirty with Kendra because why not?

Snart says, well, apparently he is the boss of Rory because he's being a jackass.

Rip reminds Sara again this timeline isn't solid.

Someone takes Connor.

Mick and Snart are at odds. Snart has changed and Mick doesn't like it. 

Sara takes a super snazzy bow to Oliver. She needs help. She only has an hour, however, so she'd best get crackin'.

There are two Green Arrows now.

Ray asks Kendra out and she says no. Jax hears her say no.

Sara thanks Rip, and he apologizes.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

You know what I think? I think you think too much.


...So, either I'm coming with, or we can find out if the Time Masters teach people to fight as well as the League of Assassins.