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Rip is enjoying killing people and hanging with his new buddies.

Amaya and Nate are growing closer. She's the country mouse and he's the city mouse.

They need to go fix Rip's aberration, that includes killing Georgie Washington.

But Rip is excited about being a bad guy. 

He sends up an EMP. Ruins the gang's good weapons and shoots Sara in the stomach after likening himself with Mick.

Back on the ship, everyone is worthless without Gideon, and Jax is temporary captain.

Rip is pulling the Waverider with ropes.

While Rip chases Jax around the Waverider, Nate and Amaya have sex.

Rip tries to get Jax to hang with him by proposing his family would be spared everything Jax hated about his past.

Amaya and Nate have sex, making them the new Hawkpeople. 

Rip holds up his arms to give Jax a better target, but of course that means he won't be killed. 

It's some bullcrap about being our best selves, a good team. Protecting Jax and not Rip. 

George has kinds words for Mick. Nate and Amaya snicker while listening.

History is restored, but with a statue that looks Mick now standing.

The Legends have a beautiful decorated lounge area for Christmas, including a groovy silver tree, wicked hanging ornaments and a fake fireplace.

Nate gets Amaya ruby red slippers, Ray captures Mick the rat. Nate and Amaya pretend their relationship is over.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Amaya: So, we're just going to break into someone's house on Christmas Eve?
Jax: Yep. Just like Santa.

Stein: Do you wish to speak, Mr. Rory? I notice the death of our forefather hasn't diminished your appetite.
Mick: Washington's a punk.