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Commander Steel has some pretty cool moves. He's kind of hot, too. But he doesn't take the time to listen to Nate about being a part of his lineage.

Steel calls for Obsidian to shut off the lights, which makes the scene a bit chaotic. Yet the Justice Society of America has never seen anything like Firestorm, either.

Vixen takes on Sara in her Gorilla form, tossing her across the lot.

Stargirl uses her scepter to make quick work of her opponents. All in all, there are very few left standing, but Ray Palmer is one of them.

While the entire Legends gang argues in a jail cell, Hourman looks on with the Justice Society, certain he has never seen the bunch before.

Nate uses Steel's dog tags and how they were handed down to his son and his son's son, him. They're soon out of their cell.

We learn now that if the Legends stay in 1942 the consequences would be catastrophic.

The president calls and sends the JSA to go off and fight Nazis.

Hourman thinks Stein is in charge, so he steps up. But back at the ship, not too many people are in agreement. Sara nominates and elects him, however.

Sara is sharing with Nate that he needs to go home. There's no use for an historian fighting for history. But his dog tags are gone. Checking his notes he sees if they don't return to 1942, the entire JSA will die tomorrow.

They go back and Stein masquerades as a dude who is a little bit too well known to the people of the area. They ask him for a song and he sings Edelweiss from Sound of Music. 

The general dude wants to know why Ray wasn't heiling hitler. Fight ensues.

The JSA is on the Waverider where they vote to work together with the Legends.

Wow. Sara discovers Nate is a hemophiliac. Her conscience won't allow her to have Nate in the field under so much danger.

Stein makes the Legends team look like assholes in the field with his inability to make fast decisions. Sara does her best to setting things while on the ground, but Ray and Amaya are captured after Krieger turns himself into ... the hulk?

Back on the Waverider, Rex and Sara come to loggerheads over what to do next. Jax wants Stein to make a decision, but Stein can't do it. It's not his thing.

Nate always fantasized about meeting Steel, but it's not been how he expected. Steel apologizes, but doesn't want to have to live up to anyone who might die as a result. 

Nate saves his grandfather, but the bombs drop on top of their motorcycle and put Nate into a really bad place. Thankfully, Ray gives up his chance at "real" powers by modifying the berserker serum to save Nate. That impresses Amaya, who tells Ray he may not be a superhero, but he's a hero after all.

The Reverse Flash gets killed by Reverse Flash who steals the amulet they were after the whole time.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Nate: My dad used to tell me bedtime stories about you. You're a hero to me.
Commander Steel: I'm a hero to a lot of people. That's the job.

Stein: I'm perfectly capable of defending myself, Raymond.
Sara: I'm pretty sure that you got knocked out by a teenager in a star-spangled leotard.