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On DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 7, the team travels, at random, to Vietnam in 1967 during the peak of the Vietnam War to find an anachronism that is changing the course of the war by causing American and Vietnamese soldiers to fight together.

While there, the team splits up to go down two separate paths: Nate and Rory go looking in the jungle, which leads them to Rory's late father, while Ray, Zari, and Amaya pose as journalists and convince a local woman to take them to her leader.

Unfortunately, the anachronism is Gorilla Grodd, one of Flash's worst enemies, and one of the hardest foes to stop, but given Amaya's animal powers, she becomes convinced she's the way to take down Grodd. When Amaya goes off on her own to stop Grodd with Ray's shrink ray, he almost kills her, and she has to be saved by the team.

Meanwhile, Jax and Stein are continuing to search for a way to split themselves as Firestorm and place the full power in Jax, but Stein seems to be having no luck coming up with a solution that won't render them powerless.

And Sara remains in a coma after her close encounter with Damien Darhk, while the team figures out the anachronisms they've conquered are all connected to them personally.

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