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In 1977 London, one of Charlie's sisters, Atropos, comes looking for her at her band's gig and kills everyone there, but Charlie had already joined the Legends.

Zari sleep-walks into Nate's room and sleeps in his bed.

Gideon tells Charle that her ex-bandmates are dead.

Atropos goes to see her other sister, Lachesis, who is the coin maker in Hell. They figure out Charlie is Clotho and plan to use Constantine to get to her.

Constantine uses the jumpship to find another piece of the Loom. Sara and Charlie go after him while Ava stays back to help Rory with his daughter.

Zari gets more glimpses of her past life and accidentally uses the wind totem around Behrad's wrist.

Sara confronts Constantine and Charlies senses Atropos. The jumpship blows up.

Behrad and Nate figure out that Zari used to be a Legend and call the past version of herself a "temporal echo."

Atropos threatens to kill Charlie's friends, so Charlie leaves to find her.

Ava poses as Mick's CO and they travel through time so that Mick can be a part of Lita's life.

Charlie meets with Atropos and she shapeshifts into a child. Sara and Constantine show up and fight Atropos.

Sara and Charlie get away, but Atropos stabs Constantine and leaves him bleeding in the forest. She shapeshifts into Constantine and meets up with Sara and Charlie.

Behrad suggests to Zari that she goes into the wind totem and speak to their ancestors.

Mick goes to see Lita, but she is mad at him for always bailing on her.

Zari takes a trip into the wind totem and comes face-to-face with the old Zari. She was thrown into the totem with the rest of the totem bearers after Heyworld.

Charlie finds the ring. Atropos reveals herself and stabs Charlie and takes the ring. She reveals her true form to Sara and seemingly kills her.

The Waverider comes to rescue Sara, Charlie, and Constantine.

Sara gets back up and saves Charlie.

Atropos boards the Waverider.

Nate and Ava find Constantine alive.

Atropos takes the other ring and kills Behrad.

The Waverider takes off and Sara fights Atropos. Gideon opens the doors and Charlie cuts of Atropos hand, the one with the two rings, as it holds on to Sara's foot and Atropos is sucked out of the ship, presumably dying.

Zari wakes up and finds Behrad dead.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Ava: Maybe I should stay back, huh?
Sara: Are you volunteering for Rory duty? Ava Sharpe, you are a better woman than I.

Nate: You slept-walked into my room, which means something must have brought you in here. And let's not forget, in another timeline you and I-
Zari: Don't start with the dream girl crap. I'm still trying to process how I spent the last five yours in, what is this, 200 thread count?
Nate: Yeah.