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Charlie tells the Legends that she left the third ring of the Loom with Enchantress, who then cast a spell on it to make it disappear.

Constantine tries to use the Legends' magical auras to retrieve the third ring, but it fails when Sara faints.

Constantine was able to anchor the ring to Constantine's house, but his spell sucked him, Zari, and the ring into the past when the house was a boarding house.

One of the boarders tries to murder Zari, but Constantine kills him first. He turns out to be Jack the Ripper and comes back to life. He is an Encore. They tie him up and put him in a closet.

Sara is in a coma.

The Prognosticator shows that all the Encores are converging at a certain point, but it fails to tell the Legends where.

The Encores show up at the borading house.

Gary takes Ava and Mick to hell so that they can confront Astra and get to the bottom of why she is sending Encores.

Astra tells them that she has not sent an Encore to Earth since her deal with Constantine.

Constantine poses as Jack the Ripper and discovers that all the Encores are looking for the ring in exchange for free rein on Earth.

Zari poses as Cleopatra to get the Encores to work together to find the ring.

Astra figures out that Lachesis took her coins. Her and Ava go to confront her, but Astra has Ava taken by a few of her guards before they get there.

Zari and Constantine figure out that the spell that Enchantress cast on the ring makes it so that anyone who searches for the ring cannot find it.

Astra confronts Lachesis. Lachesis introduces her to Atropos and tells her that they are Fates. They want Astra to be their third sister. Astra accepts, but demands Constantine's coin.

Bonnie and Clyde find Jack the Ripper and they go after Constantine.

Astra frees Ava, Mick, and Gary. She goes back to the Waverider with them.

Zari uses the air totem to save Constantine. They almost kiss, but Constantine spots the ring first.

Ava and Nate show up and they collect a few hell weapons and they all leave.

The old lady who owns the boarding house is revealed to be Enchantress.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Ava: Is this safe? It doesn't sound safe.
Constantine: It isn't. Any more questions? Good, let's hold hands.

Zari: You must have a thing for warrior women.
Nate: Only if they're from another time period and eventually will leave me, sure.