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The campers are walking towards the campsite. 

Amy corners Joel and lets him know that she thinks his new relationship is a good idea. 

Alex scares some of the kids and they run off the path. 

Joel then witnesses Amy bleeding out and the tall man appears, pointing, but when he turns his camera on, Amy reappears asking if he's okay. 

In flashbacks, Joel finds his brother, Michael after committing suicide, with a note saying, "He will never leave me alone."

Deb sends the counselors off on tasks. Jessie confronts Amy about kissing Garret, but Amy complains that she has no idea what she's talking about. 

Jessie then tries to get her to admit her feelings for Garret, but Amy complains that it's Jessie putting up the front. 

Joel goes to help Deb and tries to recap what happened between them, but Deb acts like nothing happened and asks him if he's okay. 

Alex tries to have fun with Cricket, but Cricket snaps when Alex almost gets his leg stuck in a bear trap. 

He manages to talk her round, but ruins his work when Cricket realizes he's hitting on her. 

Amy tries to find out what's going on with Joel, but he maintains that he's fine. 

He sees the tall man again, staring right at him. 

Tall Man tells him to kill Amy, or someone else will die. 

Alex tries to find out Cricket's song for Blair. Blair confirms it. 

Blair tries to speak with Drew, but he is less than impressed with him. 

Deb asks Amy to go do something and the Tall Man tells Joel to go with her and kill her. 

Drew offers and then the Tall Man appears and says if he doesn't kill her, someone else will die. 

In flashback, Joel sees the Tall Man and tries to capture him on video, but his father wonders what he's up to. 

Joel queries with his father about what Michael was seeing before he died.

Joel goes to see Deb and she confirms that she doesn't know what happened. 

This leads to Joel thinking it was in his mind. 

Blair tries to get Cricket to go meet Alex, but she says no. 

Jessie and Drew bump into Garret, who tries to find out what they're up to. 

Jessie goes off with Garret, leaving Drew himself. 

Garret came clean to Jessie about the cult. 

Jessie tries to imply everything is alright, but Garret wants to be sure there are no followers. 

They find an old recording device with Garet's father's cuff link in it. 

Everyone is called into the tent to find out that the kid lost her inhaler. 

Joel want to go find it, and Amy offers to go, but Joel puts her off. 

He leaves the tent to go find it and the Tall Man shows up and tells him he's forgotten something. 

Amy caught up with Joel and he held a knife out, while Holyoke tried to get him to kill her. 

Amy managed to stop him from harming himself. 

Joel comes clean about his brother's death to his fellow counselors. 

Jessie returns with the picture and Joel realizes it's Holyoke and Amy informs him that his brother might not have been sick. 

Cricket is murdered.



Dead of Summer
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Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

You're already in one of my movies. It's called The Fitting Room.


Alex: Hey, have fun pitching Deb's tent.
Joel: You know I will.