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A group of Camp Stillwater alums return to the previously shut down camp after years to become counselors, with newcomers Amy and Drew in tow.

After a haunting flashback of an earlier time in Camp Stillwater history, long before the camp was founded, a man is dragged away from his piano, accused of possibly kidnapping a group of teenagers that we see laying face first in the lake. Was that man responsible?

At camp, strange things start to occur as Amy's bad luck seems to catch up to her and Joel catches glimpses of spirits on his camcorder.

Amy is plagued by flashbacks of months earlier, as she begins school at a new high school, and makes friends with popular girl Margot, who later dies after they sneak out to attend a party that the cops break up. Margot falls off of the roof, dying when she hit the ground.

The gardener also plagues Amy, creeping her out and startling her many times, but when he's found dead, the future of Camp Stillwater is put into danger.

Even amongst the strange things occurring, Deb, the leader, still goes ahead with opening the camp to kids, which is not going to end well with spirits roaming in the woods. Especially as each counselor has their own demons to deal with.

Dead of Summer
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Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Margot: I have to get out of here!
Amy: Hey! We're in this together!

I need to give her the official notice to open camp, since there's no killer on the loose.