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Kids arrive at Camp Stillwater as the spirit of the "tall man" haunts one specifically: a kid in Alex and Blotter's cabin named Anton.

After seeing Anton made fun of for his Russian name and accent, Alex flashes back to his childhood, where he too was Russian. His name was formerly Alexi, and the name Alex Powell came from a man who his father worked for at a laundromat.

In order to get his "American Dream," Alex changed his name, lost his accent, and later came back to the same laundromat to work for that man, after his father died.

The man is having an affair with one of his employees, which Alex records and threatens to show his wife and family, unless he allows Alex to take whatever clothes he likes from the shop. That's his "American Dream."

At camp, Anton continuously wanders off with the ghost of the tall man, who manipulates the boy into helping Blotter find his grave and dig up his bones while he's on an acid trip. Thanks to Alex, who did what he had to do to protect his job.

Blotter is kicked out of Camp Stillwater, and starts to walk home, but he's seen the tall man and his bones, which were taken by a satanic group of drug dealers.

But what does Blotter see?

Dead of Summer
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