Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Patience

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This summer is going to be deadly, y'all.

Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 1 kicks off with former Camp Stillwater residents, accompanied by newcomers Amy and Drew, heading to camp to be counselors for the summer. Little did they know what they're getting into.

The New Girl - Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 1

The creepy flashback at the beginning of the episode was very thrilling for the potential of the show. There's a lot to be built upon, including whatever horror event happened on the camp's grounds long before the camp was founded.

The group of men dragging out a man, accused of kidnapping and/or murdered those in the lake, brought a lot of questions as to what exactly happened, and what caused that event.

I want to make Stillwater as special for everyone else as it was for me. You can find out who you are here, you can be who you wanna be here. This will be the best summer, ever.


It wouldn't be a Freeform TV show if there weren't secrets abound, which is exactly what the episode alluded to. At least towards the end.

The most exciting plot twist of the summer is sure to be Drew, who was revealed to be transgender. A transgender main character, something Freeform has never attempted before.

With spirits lurking around Camp Stillwater, the gardener showing up dead, camp leader Deb acting shady as hell, and Joel catching glimpses of those spirits in his camera, it's sure to be quite the summer for these kids.

While each member comes with a secret, Amy's is the only explored, so far. Which is to be expected, as she's the main character.

Did anyone else catch the Once Upon a Time Frozen reunion? Elizabeth Lail (Amy) and Elizabeth Mitchell (Deb) played Anna and the Ice Queen, respectively, on ABC's hit show.

After watching her friend Margot die, Amy headed to Camp Stillwater with bad luck and her friend's memory in tow. They had planned to go together, but obviously that plan was ruined.

Margot: I have to get out of here!
Amy: Hey! We're in this together!

Amy's guilt is already overtaking her, which might be what's making her so susceptible to the curse of Stillwater. She's seeing the most visions and already having the most awful time. And she's not even homesick, yet.

It wouldn't be a Freeform show without the token gay character, but Blair was nothing more than a stand-in during the episode. Hopefully the summer will see him evolve, but I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't.

Speaking of, does anyone else think Alex could be gay? (He's my favorite, so far.)

It looks that he's a thief, stealing clothes from the dry cleaners, possibly? Pretending to be of higher social standing than he is. Maybe his family owns the business he's stealing from.

Or my theory is that his family kicked him out, so he's on his own, but accustomed to a certain lifestyle.

His interest in Amy seems forced and dull, the last thing this TV horror needs.

I would love to see Alex hiding a secret about his sexuality and put an end to the awful love square they've started.

Garrett and Alex are interested in Amy, while Amy and Jessie are into Garrett. Enough.

Jessie: You have no idea who I am, do you?
Garrett: Should I?
Jessie: You tell me, Townie.
Garrett: Braces?

But it's better than whatever strange thing is blossoming between Joel and Deb. The age difference, first of all, but she's also hiding a lot from these kids.

Whatever is happening at Stillwater, Deb is either behind it, or she holds answers about the cause.

It's possible she's being forced into complying with whatever spirit(s) are haunting the grounds, but also that she's just embracing the creepy.

There's secrets suffocating those at Camp Stillwater, and with the camp opening even after the murder, the inclusion of kids won't lead to anything good. More deaths?

Perhaps the most brilliant scene was the ending. Joel's camera fading out of the kids and focusing on a spirit in the background, watching them. A spirit that looks like that man who was dragged at the beginning.

Hold tight. This is going to be a haunting summer. When will the deception begin?

You can watch Dead of Summer online to look for potential clues and get to know the characters before Stillwater events kick off.

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Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Margot: I have to get out of here!
Amy: Hey! We're in this together!

I need to give her the official notice to open camp, since there's no killer on the loose.