An INFLUX Compound - Debris
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A girl is running. She appears to be in a hospital gown. She wants help. She discovers a bunch of bodies in a warehouse, and a man dodges her presence, calling for help himself.

Now two dudes are looking for her.

When one of the guys finds her hiding inside of a bag, they fight, and she jumps clean through him, leaving the bag fused with his body.

Maddox lets his team in on what they know about George Jones and INFLUX in a particular location. They think he's at a research facility, and the main mission is to extract George. They'll send in another team after he's secure to do the rest.

Finola wonders if they have any idea when Ash had those memories, but they don't.

Maddox doesn't want Finola to be a part of the team on the extraction, revealing that it's not an extraction at all, but a death sentence for George Jones.

At the same time, Ferris advises Finola to be on the lookout for operatives to stop their convoy after the extraction. They won't let the Americans take possession of George, and there will be a plane to take them both home immediately after.

Maddox reminds Bryan of a time he took the most dangerous entrance, no questions asked, even knowing the danger. For some reason, that does the trick. Maddox wants Bryan to keep Finola out of the building so that he can tell her that her dad was killed in the crossfire.

Ferris tells Finola she's needed at home, with DeeDee recently arrested for drug possession. Ferris paints herself as the hero.

When Finola and Bryan reconnect, they tell each other their new plans. She doesn't understand why he keeps asking her what her father knew, and he says that just because she doesn't remember anything doesn't mean that she doesn't know. She says he needs her to make sense of it for him and hope that Maddox is doing things for just reasons.

She angrily says that nothing about what Maddox is requesting is normal, and if it wasn't for their new line of communication, he would be following that order. She begs him to think about it.

He can't guarantee her father's safety, so one way or another, they need to get George on that plane. She wonders, what about Bryan when Maddox learns he disobeyed a direct order?

As they're talking, the girl races into and across the street while disappearing

They find her when Bryan tosses dirt on her. She appears to have debris implanted under her skin. Please, get it out, the girl pleads.

There must be some sort of lab out here, experimenting on humans with debris, hoping that by implantation, they'll be able to control it.

She's shown pictures of George and Ash, and she recognizes Ash, but not George.

The girl tells Finola that she doesn't know where the ball of light is, but Finola never asked her that. She recalls that one of the clones also talked about a ball of light.

Brill is on hand, perhaps a part of the convoy to get George away from the Americans. Another guy tells him that he has to fix his face, which is mutilated in some way as if it's not permanently attached to his face. And, hey, it isn't. His body is in the nearby trailer, and he carves a piece of skin off of it. No, he pulls off the entire face and places it over his. This is gross.

Finola and Bryan find a building, and inside are chalkboards full of her father's handwriting. He's here.

There are barracks for the soldiers and victims of experimentation strapped to gurneys. Another man is under a ball of light, but it's not her father. Someone begins shooting, and Finola is grazed. They need to find her father.

Room by room, they clear them all in search of George. Finally, Finola finds him cowering beside a cot. While they're embracing, one of the soldiers comes in, demanding he step aside. Bryan emerges from the shadows and puts his gun away, the others begin to follow suit, but two get killed when one refuses to halt.

Guns are blazing, and Bryan covers Finola leaving. Only Phelps and Bryan come out. Bowan is gone, and since he was the last guy, nobody other than them is left to tell Maddox that George was found.

Bryan goes back to the building to destroy the servers and any indication that George was on the premises. Phelps dies, and they're left alone.

Bryan tells Maddox that George wasn't there. Maddox is dumbfounded. Bryan wonders where they have to go to follow Ferris' plan.

But Ferris' plan has been scuttled since the dude is only wearing Brill's face. Or is Brill a clone? This is so confusing.

DeeDee calls just in time to keep them from getting on the plane. DeeDee reveals everything, and Finola asks her to stay elsewhere and not use her phone.

Finola wants Bryan to pull over. She needs answers from George. He was reanimated, something that can only happen once. Finola is falling apart. She says they're all liars, revealing what DeeDee said when she called.

Finola isn't letting him out of her sight.

Ferris gets the news from fake Brill that the convoy didn't show.

George thinks they damaged his hippocampus, so the bridge between his long- and short-term memories is damaged. Bryan wonders if he knows why Maddox wants him dead, and George said he and his government took some mumbled thing away from him. He should want Maddox dead, but he doesn't.

After a second, George rethinks it. He can't believe that Maddox wants him dead. Death is irrelevant, though. He learned things about INFLUX and their ambition. INFLUX is actively seeking a very dangerous piece of debris. It's game-changing, and it makes his previous statement of death's irrelevance even more significant.

Bryan looks like he's going to vomit.

George says that nobody would understand the significance of the debris, which is why he was brought back. They thought he could build a contraption that would find that debris. He thinks that even without him, they can finish the device now.

Unfortunately, George doesn't remember what the device might do.

Finola needs to know why her father left them. Without her mother, he was unmoored. An argument ensues.

George needs Finola to get the math from Orbital so he can build the scanner because he can't remember the math.

After she's bandaged up, Finola has an idea of how to play it.

George knows what he needs to build the scanner, but he doesn't remember what it does or the math to create it, so how does he know what he needs to build it?

George doesn't want to stay the night. Bryan assures him that he'll be safe as long as Bryan is here.

Bryan goes to the car, and George exits the hotel.

Finola tells Ferris that she has George, wondering why Maddox wants him dead. She says that neither of them will be getting George.

George has asked for aluminum foil, which he then uses as a blanket.

Finola wants Ferris to get her the Legary files.


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Debris Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Finola: Ferris told me there's going to be a team waiting to ambush the convoy to take my father and I back to London.
Bryan: That doesn't matter if he's dead.
Finola: What? What do you mean?
Bryan: Maddox doesn't want your father coming out of this raid alive.

Maddox: I don't want you to use Finola on this mission, tactically.
Bryan: Finola's capable. I trust her instincts. There's no way she would ever not be one of the first people through the door to retrieve her father.
Maddox: You're going to have to find a way. This isn't a retrieval for you, Bryan. George Jones doesn't come out of this alive.