A Volatile Situation - Debris
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People are waiting for a ferry when one fellow notices everyone else has stopped moving. He begins shivering or something, and a girl walks over with her hand out to take his bag. He gives it to her and she walks away. He pulls a gun out of his jacket pocket and shoots himself.

Bryan is at Langley. Maddox is bringing Bryan up to speed on Anson Ash.

Ash went AWOL six years ago becoming an issue for his people.

Maddox asks Bryan if he's ever seen anything like the encryption on Ash's phone. They discuss the incoming calls from Maine before moving onto another topic. Bryan tells Maddox he thinks Finola and MI6 know George is alive. Maddox takes a second too long to respond. Bryan says he just wanted Maddox to be aware in case what he's saying is true.

Bryan can't accept what Finola has been told about Maddox and won't allow Maddox to be vulnerable to Ferris.

On the scene, they know that the dead guy was near debris recently. Finola and Bryan differ on the guy's importance, but they know that he had to be trading calls with Ash for some reason.

The guy's name was Liam, and his brother's name is Luke. Luke thinks they're there about the UFO. Liam had found some debris, and Luke doesn't necessarily believe that it's from a UFO. Liam was going to sell the debris to someone he met on the dark web. He was offered $50k.

A little girl named Caroline interrupts, and Luke tells her to give him a few minutes. She was Liam's daughter.

The metal made Liam tense, almost like he was suffering from shell shock, but there weren't any shells. Luke was in Afghanistan. They have something to discuss. Luke says Bryan's outfit was no joke.

Luke asks Finola if she has any experience telling kids bad news. Later, she wonders about Luke's reaction to Bryan's activity in Afghanistan. She gets a strange look on her face. They never searched the marsh. How could they have left without searching it? Once there, their gizmo picks up a reading.

Finola has a very strange reaction to being near the debris. She doesn't think it wants them to be there. It was like the debris spoke to her. Like a whisper in her ear.

They're going to wait it out for the night, and Bryan requests a hotel with a reasonably well-stocked minibar.

Anson is tied down like a prisoner awaiting execution. They roll in a big contraption and take off his socks, wiping down his feet. They hook him up to what looks like a battery charger. Maddox is going to torture him, saying he's obviously a survivor. He must have a fighting spirit. Anson calls it obstinate.

Maddox was a successful interrogator during the war in Afghanistan. He numbs Anson's head with Novocain and they appear to scalp him.

Holy shit. This is grizzly. They inserted a metal plate inside of his scalp. Maddox is talking about Ansons' hometown of Lancashire. He's trying to get Ash to picture a place in his hometown and they're getting a clear picture of it on a nearby monitor. Now he wants him to think of George Jones.

Bryan was up all night buying a titanium strainer off the shopping network, but he did get info on Liam. Liam talked with his ex-wife about ten minutes before he killed himself. The woman looks just like Caroline.

The woman won custody of Caroline, but when Liam asked her to get Caroline, she refused. She says that Caroline belongs there. Her husband agrees. That's where she belongs.

Caroline is sitting on top of the marsh while debris swims around her like pet fish.

The whole team arrives at Luke's place. He thinks she's inside watching TV. She is, but she looks strange. She's looking out the side of her eyeballs at Finola. Bryan wonders why Luke didn't go to a hotel as they requested, but he doesn't remember that.

They think the material in the marsh is controlling people's thoughts and trying to keep them away. Finola finds Caroline, and they talk. She tells Caroline that her mom thinks she's the most important person in the world, and Caroline says if they stay, they'll be hurt.

The debris comes to her. She doesn't want it to, but it does. Luke makes her get them for him, so he has enough.

Bryan spots the gag in Luke's room.

Caroline thinks Luke hurt her father and is keeping her mum away.

Bryan is talking with Luke about his apparent PTSD. He has tears in his eyes again. He uses the debris fast, Caroline says. Bryan wants him to stop whatever he's doing.

Luke was embarrassed that his brother didn't realize the power he had with the debris. What he did will hurt him for the rest of his life.

Bryan reaches out to Luke, but he turns him down, instead, controlling their minds so that they leave as if nothing happened.

When Finola and Bryan are ready to get on the plane again, the others wonder what the heck they're talking about saying Caroline is good and belongs there. Finola wonders how they got there.

A plane flies overhead, and Luke manipulates the pilot so that it crashes. Luke is on the scene, and tells Finola she can't shoot him. He has a guy shoot others, and urges Bryan to put his gun to his head and to pull the trigger. Finola and Bryan are fighting with every ounce of their being. Caroline is right behind Luke, and instead of controlling the debris, she has him smack his forehead into it, fatally.

Caroline and her mother are reunited with as little information as possible.

DeeDee thinks she's going to relapse and wants Finola home now. She's spiraling. Finola is the only person who can help. DeeDee wants to go to Michelle's country house. That's a phrase they use when they're in trouble.

While she's talking with her sister, Bryan gets a call that they'll be needed in a raid. The interrogation was successful. They're going to the Washington Scablands. Maddox has already spoken with Ferris. When Finola gets off the phone, DeeDee hands her's to Ferris. Bryan says they've found her father.




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Debris Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Finola: I don't want to be here.
Bryan: You OK?
Finola: I don't think it wants us to be here.

Bryan: I told him you know your father's alive.
Finola: Why?
Bryan: I didn't tell him I told you, but I can't let him be vulnerable to Ferris. He needed to know. Until there's incontrovertible evidence against him, I can't accept what you've been told.
Finola: OK. Hm.

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