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Bill and Paula are shooting bottles playing a game of "he loves me, he loves me not."

It's Valentine's Day.

Jerry's wife wants to leave because she's put her life on hold while he got sheriff. She's sick of it and wants the papers signed.

He signs.

Paula is volunteering at the local jail.

Inmate David makes her a Valentine's Day napkin. I recognize him.

A bunch of deputies head into the jail.

He's dying of cancer. He just needs a 45-minute surgery to save his life but she can't get it approved.

Jerry wants to run something by Bill. He wants Bill to back him in his run for sheriff.

Bill doesn't answer Jerry's inquiry as to whether he'll be running.

A gal walked in with the deputies but she's a criminal.

She's heading toward Dr. Reyes who is cowering in the exam room.

Paula calls Bill to tearfully say goodbye. Bill jumps to attention and hears the baddie check in with Paula.

There is already one deputy dead on the scene.

It's utter chaos outside of the LA Correctional Facility.

It's David's girlfriend. Ah ha.

It's all so he can get surgery. That's not the wisest thinking.

They're plan is to have Paula operate right there.

Brianna has to keep Paula's name out of the media.

Bill thinks it's his fault that Paula is in trouble.

Bill has waited long enough. They're moving.

While the chick is livestreaming Paula, Bill realizes she'll be fine as long as Paula is the person who can operate.

Bill's gonna use the excuse of getting medical equipment to Paula as a way to get eyes on the situation.

Paula is freaking out at the thought that they want her to operate when she's taken an oath to do no harm.

Charlie speaks inappropriately to Joseph about his relationship with Paula.

They find the name on the fake deputy in David's cell. Rose Contraras.

Paula and Rose connect during surgery. She tells Rose that on their first date, they shot bottles all night. He's been real since the day they met, Paula says.

Teresa gets Maggie.

Bill speaks to the press and offers himself to the baddies. He can't live without Paula, so take him instead.

When Bill arrives on the floor, Rose has a gun to Paula's head. They're back in each other's arms, though.

Rose makes the gang walk to the roof covered looking like people ready for the purge.

Rose's threats are incredibly annoying.

As the chopper arrives, Bill uses saying goodbye to Paula as his excuse to do a little something. He pulls off their masks and kisses Paula. Cade takes the shot.

Everyone is reunited and happy at the end of the standoff.

And we still don't know if Teresa is pregnant. What the hell?


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Deputy Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

That's right. There's not a manual for how to save hostages when one's your wife, is there? So I'm gonna write it! Ya hear me?!


David: I'm sorry it came to this, doc, but I ain't sorry I'm gonna live.
Paula: Make it count.