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A little old lady has called the police on someone inside their car playing music loudly. They guy has been shot and is dead at the wheel.

Joseph and his friend are shooting hoops at Venice Beach when the cops arrive looking for Matthew Evans. Joseph tries to get out his badge, but an asshole goes all white man bad on him.

Joseph asked his friend not to move, but that didn't work.

Joseph is in more peril on the beach than he is on the job.

Paula got called to the hospital. She's worried about their lack of federal grants vs the number of gunshot wounds annually. Bill has faith in her.

Bill is dressed very sheriff like as he heads out to a remote location. It's Bill's dad's place. Bill wonders where the nurse is, but dad says she stole his dignity every day.

Dad gives him advice. If he screws up now, it will be the bad guys comin' after him.

Dad seems to be suffering from dementia that comes and goes. He's also been looking at the old photo albums.

Cade us surfing. Teresa checks on him because he's usually home by now. He's been thinking about having a family and worries about all of the things that come with Roberto and Camilla.

Brianna Postmates Genevieve some breakfast. She wants none of her old belongings, she says, because she's someone else entirely in LA. But then clouds settle over her face.

Joseph's friend is facing first degree murder. Joseph is beyond angry once he gets together with Charlie. She says they need to represent every black man who is wrongfully arrested while they're on the job and they can start by finding who had a reason to murder Trent Anderson.

Bill watches the video of Joseph's morning. He's displeased. He also needs more to go on to go up against the LAPD than Joseph's word.

Trent Anderson was luring neighborhood kids to run drugs.

Brianna wants Bill to consider the political implications of stepping on the toes of a fellow jurisdiction's investigation suggesting it could look like nepotism. He says that's because that's exactly what it is.

Bill sneaks his way to homicide and confronts Detective Johnson who looks very uncomfortable.

Honesty gets Bill a little bit of information. All they have is a gun matching the caliber in Matthew Evans' house. There is also video footage of them together.

Paul meets with a man named Derek. He wants her expertise to make changes at the hospital. Trim the fat, he says. Either they make the changes or have the board do it for them. She's not on board.

Teresa is Matthew's attorney. Bill interrupts and relays the information that the LAPD also has text messages showing that he was trying to get back into the trade.

When he hears about the plea on the table, Bill can't help but wonder why it's floated with such a strong case against Matthew.

His bail is set at half a million, driving Bill to approach the judge. He suggests that the DA's office is trying to overwhelm the justice process so the accused freaks out and accepts a conviction for something they haven't done to increase their stats. Bill wants an investigation so the bad guys get caught.

Bill offers to look into the case. He requests 48 hours before arraignment. He gets 24.

Cade begins to investigate. That Trent was a real go-getter, Cade says. Trent's entire circle has been put behind bars one by one.

When Paula calls Bill with tears on her face, he walks her back.

Joseph visits the local barbershop to ask questions about Trent. Trent only cared about the money. Broom pusher tells Joseph to get his sellout ass out of the store, so Joseph walks forward ultimately putting the guy against the wall. Charlie wants him to take a breather. He has two different identities, Joseph and Deputy Harris. When he's in the uniform, they don't see the color of his skin.

Trent was a witness to the prosecution in a string of murders. Only someone with a badge would have known any of this to set Trent free from this mortal coil.

Someone posted Matthew's bail.

It's the guy from the convenience store. He pulls a gun on Matthew once he gets there -- after turning off the video footage, of course. He admits to killing Trent and tries to set up Matthew for armed robbery. It doesn't quite work as planned, and Joseph arrives on the scene.

When Bill goes back to Det. Johnson. Of course, he's the bad guy, and Bill has him cornered.

Bill recalls what his dad said as people from all sides stare him down. The chief of police thanks him for rooting out the bad guy but says the more often he does it, the more enemies he'll make.

Bill is hella proud of his deputy and godson.

Paula apologizes to Derek. She gets 30 days to cut 25% out of the operating budget. If she can't, he'll take her up on her proposal to let her go. I'm getting shades of Handmaid's Tale here...

Brianna arrives home to her box of belongings open and a note wondering who that cutie is. The box is filled with photos of Brianna with long, flowery hair and makeup. Glamour shots almost. It really throws Brianna.

Teresa took a pregnancy test. She's afraid to look.

Charlie is in cahoots with Jerry.

Joseph takes Matthew to task. They need to tell each other the truth from now on. They go back to the court to finish their game of ball, and with six minutes left in the episode, I'm betting that one or both of them gets shot.

Thankfully, it seems not.

Bill visits Det. Johnson in jail. He's not interested in talking on the phone, and sees him eye to eye. He wants to know why. Johnson has no answer. Bill will wait.

All of his crap got flung onto everyone else who wears a badge. He asks about cheating. You don't see the line until you go over it, and once you're over it, there's no going back. All there is is the worry you're going to get caught. But by then, you cannot see the line even if you wanted to so you stay where you are barely able to recognize yourself, struggling to survive.

Johnson says, you know the temptation. Don't you judge me. He never set out to end up there. Bill says no one ever does and that's why he has a job to do every single day.

Bill visits his dad again. Dad is with the horse in the cold. He's reminiscing.

Bill cried the first time he was on a horse when he was a year old.

Dad assures Bill that as long as he's going from his gut, that's all that matters.

Dad isn't allowed to ride anymore, but Bill gets him on the horse and talks him around the paddock.

It's time for Bill to care for his dad like his dad once cared for him.

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Deputy Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Stay strong. They built this place to break you.


Dad: Can you believe they made my son a sheriff? [laughs] Boy, I always knew he had it. Hey, could you do me a favor and tell him I said hi? Ask him to stop being so cocky around me. I don't know why he does that. Will you remember that?
Bill: I'll do that, sir.