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Bill Hollister is getting reprimanded for warning local regarding an upcoming ICE raid.

Bill comes from a long line of lawmen. His great great grandfather was one of the first men killed in the line of duty.

Bill tends to the horses and heads out chase some bad guys. He uses a rope trick to send the bad guys over the side of a bridge. When the rest of the calvary arrives, they discover said bad guys are linked to three rival gangs working together. 

Just then, another car races up. It's the county attorney. Bill is prepared to remain mum.

Sheriff Bradford dropped dead, and in the event that a duly elected sheriff dies, the longest standing member of his mounted posse gets the job.

For his first act on the job, Bill fires the guy standing next to him. Bill later thinks he's like Greg on the Brady Bunch. His wife disagrees. Whoever wrote the 150-year-old rule knew what they were doing.

Bill picks a fight with his daughter over her outfit.

His personal security detail, Brianna Bishop, arrives. Bill doesn't think that's cool. He's not even driving.

Brianna welcomes him to the tenth floor. He is entirely out of his element. The suits are trying to ascertain which deputies are getting pulled from the streets for excessive use of force. Bill orders London to shred them.

Bill is set to deputize the latest class of deputies, including his godson, Joseph. He puts onto him his dead father's badge.

Bill then gives his first speech in front of a lot of press waiting to see what they're dealing with. He says all the new deputies are becoming part of a family with their own traditions and skeletons.

Bill's ex partner's wife, Lori, comes to ask Bill to run Joseph out of the department before he gets killed.

The gangs are drawing up new boundaries and changing the game.

Cade is racing to inseminate his wife, Teresa. He thinks they'll be a success no matter what happens. Despite the 10% prognosis, he thinks it's a 50/50 -- it will either happen, or it won't. They were also approved to be foster parents. He grew up in the system.

Bill asks Joseph's training officer to fire him. Bill doesn't think Joseph has it in him.

Joseph is at the local prison. There's an entire ward of LGBTQ people who are housed together for safety. That's who they check in with to find a dude named Oscar. She thinks they should look at MS13. It sounds crazy, but old enemies are now allies.

Bill isn't letting some stinkin' promotion keep him out of the field. They go on a shootout. His Deputy named Rachel gets hit. There is also a kid hiding in a closet.

Bill freaks out when Paula decides to take the bad guy for surgery over Rachel. She calls for security. Escort him off of the premises. He runs into London in the elevator. Enjoy those stars while he has 'em.

The press is all over the place.  He doesn't play to them knowing they're not interested in the truth.  Paula thinks the Rachel thing is because Rick died on her table. He's not enjoying Sheriff so much.

At lunch, Brianna says she used to work at the pentagon but moved when she fell in love and long-distance didn't work. Bill met Paula when he got stabbed.

Brianna tells Bill there is another ICE operation kicking off in 20 minutes. He stops the raids but will accept targeted operations.

Joseph is at the jail and gets overtaken by the prisoners who are rioting. He gets kidnapped, and his outfit is stolen so a bad guy can leave.

Cade visits Rachel, suggesting she could promote. There's no shame in working in the building for a while.

Together, they figure out how the gangs are laundering money. Bill thinks Cade and Teresa should look into fostering the kids they uncovered at  their earlier shootout. He even knows someone who could help make that happen since he's sheriff now.

Cade goes to a house and finds a man beaten with his wife freaking out. It's McGowen, the money launderer. The gang has taken their daughter.

Brianna says they should definitely give over the operation to the FBI because they don't want to be the agency on record when the girl is found dead. But Bill's not going to step away from the investigation.

Joseph wants help from the woman who was injured with him. The guy kidnapped a girl wearing his father's badge, and he's not going to let that stand.

They find where Oscar has the girl hidden. They ride down the canyon to another shootout.

They find the girl. It's time to go home, Bill says, as he picks her up.

Bill gets a superficial gunshot wound and drives all the way to Paula's hospital for treatment. I'm sorry would have sufficed, she says. She makes him wait.

Cade wakes up out of a nightmare. He talks to the kid they found. He assures them he's safe there. The kid knows that Cade shot his dad and wants to kill him. Cade says it was kill or be killed, and he had to do what he did. He also tells him that although he doesn't think the kid's dad is worth the vengeance, he guess it's allowable.

But he can't kill Cade. He's too small, and Cade's too good. Cade was a sniper. He killed people for a living. Maybe the kid can do that with him. And they'll take care of him and his sister in the meantime.

Joseph wants to resign. He says he was never going to cut it anyway. But Bill has had a change of heart. He was wrong about Joseph and refuses to allow him to feel sorry for himself, nor does he accept his resignation. The only way he can dishonor his father's memory is by quitting.

Bill has been Sheriff for four days. There are only 114 left to go, Brianna says. 


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Deputy Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

This is like that Brady Bunch episodes. Do remember? When they make Greg the rock star because he fits the suit? Well, I'm Johnny Bravo. And it didn't end well.


I'm a lawman. Never took a dime. Never put my hands on somebody unless I had to. Never pulled the trigger when there was another way. You want to hunt gangsters? Human traffickers? Well, I'm your huckleberry. But you're asking me to drag families from their homes so you can eat from the federal trough. When'd you lose your way, Jerry?